The Cross of Christ by John Stott

This is a review of the Cross of Christ by one of our apprentices Ruth Waliaula. Ruth is an apprentice placed in City of Light Fellowship Church in Karen, Nairobi where she helps with administration work.  ‘For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being […]


Endurance and the Lies we Believe- Part 2

Endurance and the Lies we Believe- Part 2

Back to where we left off. . . The third thing we misunderstood is who exactly gets to heaven – not those who simply believe in Jesus Christ but who believe in His work. This I think might be the most shocking for many people who think they have secured a place in heaven. Many […]

Welcome to iServe Africa

    Thank you for visiting iServe Africa homepage. We have lots for you. You will find more about Raising future Gospel workers and how you could be part of this growing work. Browse more on: Apprenticeship Program (Fresh Graduates) TrasformD Program (High school leavers) Partnerships (Joining hands with us)

12 marks of humility

In a church staff meeting many years ago it was quite a common thing for the senior pastor to go around and ask us all to name a mark of humility. He felt (rightly) it was good practice for us to rehearse the hallmarks of gospel-wrought humility and have them at the front of our […]

Zeal without Burnout

I remember when I was about 13 years old and it was announced at church that the reverend would be away for a month for his annual leave. I remember thinking how odd that was, “You mean pastors get leave? Who will run the church when his gone?” This memory reveals what I think is […]

Honest Evangelism

Honest Evangelism

I wonder how you feel about evangelism? For me, it’s been one of the hardest parts of my life as a disciple of Christ. I have no problem chatting to other Christians about the gospel, but as soon as I think about talking to an unbeliever about Christ and the reason for hope that I […]

Total Gospel Grace

Last week at MTC our theme was Total Gospel: How the Gospel Changes Everything. We looked at how the news of Jesus, crucified, risen, returning, touches every area of life – leadership, work, ambitions, relationships and sexuality. And each of these are touched and transformed in a number of different ways by the gospel. So […]


Geoffrey Wachira, in his session on Critical Thinking and Asking Questions at the Ministry Training Course, pleaded with us to… Think! The world, the flesh and the devil don’t want us to think.  The cults and the false teachers effectively say, ‘Don’t think, trust me, I’ll think for you, just believe.’  In contrast, true faith […]

Faithful and fruitful in mission – MTC1 2016

We have been reminded recently as a staff team from John 15 that we should be aiming not only at faithfulness (as a steward discharging a duty) but also at a joyful, loving, prayerful, Christlike, tangible, supernatural fruitfulness. At the Ministry Training Course last week we were looking at 2 Timothy and Colossians and seeing there faithfulness […]