Utumishi Course is a one-year Bible handling course aimed at equipping gospel workers with skills for faithful gospel work in their different ministry occupations. The course runs in three blocks of 12 weeks each (basically January – April, May – August, September – December), one day a week, currently on Thursday, from 8:30 AM to 4 PM.

The course targets those doing ministry like pastors, deacons, children and youth workers, student ministry workers and so on. The mode of learning is a blend of lecture, discussions and also practical micro-preaching sessions.

In our first term of ten weeks from September to December we looked at among other topics:

Bible Exposition-We had a series of expositions from 2 Timothy, the aim being to be challenged on guarding the gospel but also to act as a model exposition for how to do expository preaching.

Bible overview- from Genesis to Revelation seeing how the whole Bible fits together as one grand story.

We also did an in-depth study of the book of Hebrews and also different topics, covering pastoral and people skills.

The encouraging thing has been testimonies from students who have found it helpful, eye opening and challenging. We are looking forward to a new term starting 16th January. Among other topics we will look at is Church history, an in-depth study of the book of Isaiah and 1 Peter.

We pray that these men and women will continue in their knowledge of God, love for Jesus and the people they serve but also that they would remain faithful in teaching the sound doctrine.

For more information or to register for January intake: Reply to this text or call us at 0737293090 or email utumishi@iserveafrica.org

Some testimonies: