“First Priority ” –Uniting Hearts for Global Missions.

“First Priority” is a dynamic prayer movement dedicated to fostering global missions, with a special focus on unreached people groups worldwide. Our mission is to cultivate a community of passionate individuals who are committed to fervently praying for the advancement of the gospel across the globe. Through our collective efforts, we aim to bring about transformation, mobilize support, and play a vital role in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Monthly Gathering.

On the first Sunday of every month, we gather for an impactful hour of prayer between 2-4pm. This regular assembly serves as a powerful rallying point, allowing participants to come together in unity and intercede for the unreached people groups in each country. By dedicating this time to prayer, we align our hearts with the urgent needs of global missions.

Partnering with Missionaries.

A cornerstone of our movement involves collaborating with dedicated missionaries who are on the frontlines of evangelism. Through these partnerships, we forge a deep connection with individuals who are actively engaged in gospel work within specific countries. By praying alongside these missionaries, we gain firsthand insight into their challenges, successes, and God’s remarkable interventions in various regions.

Daily prayer focus.

Every day, we share a specific prayer item, fostering a continuous atmosphere of intercession throughout the entire month. By addressing targeted prayer requests, we ensure that our prayers are intentional, strategic, and aligned with the most pressing needs in global missions. This daily practice keeps participants engaged and informed about ongoing efforts.

Mobilizing for action.

Our ultimate goal is to mobilize individuals to actively participate in world missions through a multifaceted approach. We encourage participants to engage in the following ways:


Prayer remains at the heart of our movement, serving as a catalyst for transformation and breakthroughs in the mission field.


We inspire people to support missionaries through financial contributions, care packages, and other forms of practical assistance.


We challenge individuals to consider becoming missionaries themselves, stepping out in faith to serve in unreached areas.


We emphasize the importance of welcoming and supporting missionaries when they return home, ensuring their well-being and continued partnership.


“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”
Corrie ten Boom

We realize that God’s work will happen when prayer is present. Over the years we have been spending First Sunday of the month afternoons in prayer for the nations. This move is geared towards the realization that we need to actively support those in the fields by prayer and be reminded of the Gospel needs in the world when we pray.

“I believe it will only be known on the last day how much has been accomplished in overseas missions by the prayers of earnest believers at home.”
James O. Fraser

How prayer time looks like

Sharing Information

Sharing information about the Focus group, Country, Ministry or region.

Small Group Prayers

Fervently Praying in small groups that God would cause men to turn to him.

Prayer Point shared

Prayer points are shared through out the whole month for people to keep praying for the said people, region or ministry.

Our meetings are also arenas where missionaries meet praying groups and also avenues where God calls ordinary people to get involved in His Grande weaving work of adding people into His kingdom. This movement also does take a collection that goes into supporting mission work both locally and overseas.

We will be very glad to have you attend one of these meetings now running on a hybrid mode of booth online and physically at Gracepoint Church Kikuyu. The link to join a WhatsApp group is First priority WhatsApp Group. You could also write to us through firstpriority@iserveafrica.org.