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Apprentice serving in Maseno, Western Kenya


Kenneth teaching in the church where he is placed. 

Kenneth is a first year apprentice serving in Deliverance Church, Maseno in the Western part of Kenya. Ken hails from Meru County and narrates his story and experience in the apprenticeship programme…

My name is Kenneth Mutuma, a sinner saved by God’s grace. I and was brought up in a simple family with my parents living together and teaching us the basics of religion like the importance of going to church, respecting everyone, and basically ‘doing as the Bible says’. However, it was not long before my parents separated and my sisters fell into unhealthy relationships, supposedly marriages. With these and many other family dysfunctions I was pushed to seek to know who God really is. I was somehow able to keep on with my studies to university and subsequently exposed to different viewpoints of the Christian faith. Now I believe in salvation by the grace of God alone, according to the Word of God.

Among the things I am grateful for, is the opportunity to serve as an apprentice with iServe Africa. This has changed my whole perspective on the word of God stemming from the Ministry Training Courses (MTCs), reading of carefully selected books and constant fellowship with friends who have kept pointing me to the truth of God’s word. Bible studies and book exposition sessions have been my most striking moments during MTCs.

It was quite a task for me to figure out and believe what the gospel is before. But with MTCs and continued fellowship with both staff and fellow apprentices, and by extension friends with a clear perspective of the gospel, I am now getting a refined understanding of what the gospel is, praise be to God. Figuring out that the Bible is “a one-story-book” – that it is primarily about God, was such a big deal for me!

I am serving in a church context in Deliverance Church Maseno and help in church administration, pastoral roles alongside Sunday school work. I also take pleasure in serving Maseno University students and organizing them in different small Bible study groups which has been quite encouraging. On Saturdays I get a chance to share the word with pupils from Maseno School which came as a result of a vibrant Maseno School staff Bible study that I’m part of. During this Covid-19 season, I have employed my social work skills in training tailors around Maseno how to make standardized face masks as well as turning to online Bible study sessions.

All this, preparing for pastoral work, sermons and one-on-one sessions, and Bible studies have kept sharpening my understanding of the Scripture and continued to teach me to be patient with people. Working with children has challenged me to explore different ways of packaging the message of the Bible, which has aroused an interest of working with children even more. Thanks be to God for all that has happened during this apprenticeship programme.


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What is the Mission of the Church? Book Review

what is the mission of the churchWhat is the church called to do, or rather what is the mission of the church? Is it discipleship or good deeds? As Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert resolve these two issues, they also want to make sense of the terms social justice, shalom and the great commission. DeYoung and Gilbert are both pastors, authors of different books and involved in mercy ministries.

This book has been written for all Christians who may be asking themselves this question. Christians either involved in the life of the church directly by serving as a pastor, church staff or are Christian business men or stay at home mums who are equally eager to understand what they have been called to do as the church.

Kevin and Greg write that the Gospel (Christ’s death for sin and his subsequent resurrection) should be of uttermost importance. They would want to release Christians from the false guilt of the church being responsible for the problems in the world or fixing the world’s problem. They make it clear that the goal of the church is to make disciples for Christ, help Christians understand and appreciate the Bible story-line, thinking critically about the specific text and lastly for Christians to remember that there is something worse than death and better than human flourishing.

This book is relevant as it addresses the many problems, we see in many churches today, some think they have a specific mission which is different to the church next door. This book has helped me appreciate the main mission of the church which is the making of disciples for Christ which also tags along the taking care of their immediate needs which we ought to do, first to our immediate context as it flows outwardly depending on our resources.

This book has challenged me to hold the church responsible to its first mission more than the other goals it can set, if the church doesn’t make disciples for Christ then it fails in its central mission even if it achieves all the other goals such as building schools and helping the poor in the world. You may also take the challenge and read this book, see what you think about these opinions after reading this mind-reforming, and heart-changing book.

This book review has been written by Eugene Omukala. Eugene is a second year apprentice serving in GracePoint Church, Kikuyu. 

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The Hole in our Holiness Book Review

“The Hole in our Holiness: Filling the gap between Gospel passion and pursuit of Godliness”9781433533341 is a book written by Kevin DeYoung. Kevin is the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, an assistant professor at RTS and an author.

One might expect a book about holiness to be heavy on finger pointing towards certain levels that one has not attained especially on matters of sexual purity. Kevin however states, “I’ve written this book to make you hopeful about holiness, not make you hang your head.” He strives to help us think about holiness with the Gospel mindset saying that this hole “is simply that we don’t really care about holiness”.

Often our thoughts about holiness are cultivated by how we were first oriented to view holiness e.g. no alcohol, no drugs, no sex, no movies, no dancing, and no gambling. This led me to want to understand what then holiness is and as the book suggests, how that hole comes about. He has outlined that holiness is not merely keeping rules, generational imitation, generic spirituality, not even finding your true self. It is not the way of the world but the real deal looks like the renewal of God’s image in us, a life marked by virtue instead of vice, a clean conscience, obedience to God’s commands and finally becoming more like Christ.

Kevin says that there is no absolute measure to say that Christians are neglecting holiness. He is not the first to think that there is something missing in the contemporary church scene. He borrowed from J.I. Packer, Rediscovering Holiness to shed some light in responding to why he thinks there is a hole in our holiness. Packer says “that we do not hear about holiness in preaching and books, we do not insist upon holiness in our leaders and that we do not touch the need for personal holiness in our evangelism.” These observations sound right I would say. Kevin added saying “it is because a concern for holiness is not obvious in our lives, the pursuit of it does not occupy a place in our hearts. Also the fear that a passion for holiness would be termed by others as moralistic, legalistic, prudish, narrow minded, old fashioned, holier than thou and many believers give up on it saying that it is unachievable. And finally that among the conservative Christians there is the mistake that if we are truly gospel centered we won’t talk about rules or imperatives or moral exertion and this becomes the origin of the hole in our holiness.”

In his book he has with the authority of Scripture, pointed us to the need for holiness simply because God is a holy God and He has called us to be holy. He points out that with holiness, as good deeds for all believers, should flow from a good grasp of the good news of our Savior, for it is the gospel that encourages godliness in all spheres of our lives (sexuality, abiding and obeying). This book, simply written and with only nine short chapters, has helped me to understand that the law served a useful purpose in convincing men of their need for a Savior and that good works as holiness should always be rooted in the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection. He emphasizes that holiness should be urged with diligence not only upon the unbelieving and impenitent but also to true believers, who are truly regenerated and justified by faith not to condemn them but to correct and to promote Christ-likeness.

I highly recommend this book to every Christian who feels that holiness matters and they would want to engage more and to those who would want to have a better understanding of holiness. DeYoung says, “Expecting perfection from ourselves or others is not what holiness is about.”

This book review has been written by Everlyne Wambui. Everlyne serves as the Apprenticeship Member Care Officer. 

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Apprentice serving in Nyeri, Central Kenya


Joseph teaching in a youth group

Joseph is a first year apprentice serving at PCEA Ngaini Parish in Nyeri, Central Kenya. He serves as the youth and children coordinator. He shares his experience for the past nine months that he has been there…

My name is Joseph Kiguru Mwangi from Gatundu south, Kiambu County. I started going to church in primary school but became a Christian in high school after hearing a sermon during a Christian Union Sunday service.

After campus I had a desire to grow in the knowledge of God and had personal struggles in my Christian walk and many questions concerning the gospel. I applied for the apprenticeship program not sure whether this was the right place for me to grow. But praise God that this was indeed the right place for me to be helped. Many of my questions got answered and it’s been awesome learning the gospel; knowing that I am a great sinner and Christ a great Saviour. Being taught and hearing the gospel over and over has really helped me to grow in gospel convictions and to live a life shaped by the gospel. This has opened my eyes to understand that I was not preaching the gospel formerly but moralism and prosperity.

Through the training, reading my Bible and gospel centered books, I have come to learn that the gospel is for everyone (Christians and non-Christians). I have been challenged on how to faithfully handle the Scriptures in my interpretation and that the Bible is one story from Genesis to Revelation all pointing to Christ. That Christ is our motivation to do any good thing and it is in the gospel that believers grow/mature in faith in Christ and not moralism.

In my placement I am involved in organizing youth and children events like conferences, rallies or seminars. I help in preparing youth and children teaching materials, facilitating Bible studies with the youth, teaching children and training Sunday school teachers. Also, preaching in the church, youth and Christian Union services.

We have been able to do Bible studies from the book of Colossians, Galatians and Romans during the conferences, seminars and normal days which has helped us to grow in the knowledge of God and to love Jesus more. Also doing one on one discipleship and by the grace of God we (the youth), have been growing immensely in our faith.

The apprenticeship programme has had a great impact on me in growing faithful Bible teaching skills thus being able to point sinful men to the great Saviour. All this has awakened in me an overwhelming desire to be a church worker/missionary in future seeing that people are in dire need of the gospel. I have grown in my preaching and communication skills. The journey has not been easy because my family has never understood and embraced what I’m doing as legitimate, and many other challenges. But above all, Jesus is my motivation and reason to continue serving to the end.

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What Women Really Need

In a world where so much is on offer, I wonder what women want. Not actually what what women really needthey want but what they really need. “What will satisfy our deepest longings? In this engaging collection of personal stories and thought-provoking articles, women share their insights into the significance of Jesus and the impact he can make in every woman’s life.”

“This is why I found this book to be of great help. As a woman who has experienced great hardship from longing for things of this world, some of what she speaks about truly matters to me. Some I realized I needed to be informed about so as to think about them in a godly way. The greatest question then is, what is it that every woman needs?” One woman says.

The different authors aim to lay out patterns of thought that will help women to be zealous for the LORD and with full realization that he is the only One who can satisfy the deepest longing in our hearts. I wanted to read this book to see whether I would get help on where to find satisfaction, stability and contentment. And sure enough, the writers of the book bring it out so clearly. “Most are the times I would fumble from one change to the next, trying to find something stable to build my foundation but I ended up repeating the same mistake time and again. Hence life was not what I expected for time to time. I lacked lasting satisfaction since I missed out on one crucial and satisfying relationship. Due to this I ended up being blinded by material wealth forgetting that this life is just a speck on the scale of eternity. I have come to appreciate that Jesus is the only stable rock that does not move where our stability can be found, the only one whose relationship will satisfy and who will fill and influence my life in order to be contented.”

Honestly sometimes I am tempted to ask questions like; where is God? How could God let this happen to me? This is due to personal worries, anxieties, tensions, struggles, fractured relationships, failing health and difficulties that often force me to reconsider what life is all about. With all this in mind I wondered whether God has anything to say in this frightening world without hope. The writers have helped me to have hope that God has spoken through his Son Jesus, who perfectly shows me how God is like. When we read the Bible we see how relevant it is to live in this insecure world, since God is in charge, faithful and forgiving.

I have come to know that Jesus in his compassion gave his life so that we could be reconciled to God hence, what a comfort it is to call on God who knows how it is like to live in this fallen and broken world.

As the author puts it and I agree with her, that what every woman really needs is a man. Not just a man, but the Man Jesus Christ who is the only way to be saved from death and judgment. ‘What women really need’ is a book I would like to read every now and then as it has changed my perspective on the Man Jesus and who he is in my life. I highly recommend this book to every woman as it will greatly help and challenge them in their day to day life and situations.

Everlyne Muoki has written this book review. Muoki is a second year apprentice placed in the office and helping in the TransformD Discipleship Programme. 

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Book Review: The Transforming Power of the Gospel

IMG_4483The Transforming Power of the Gospel is a book written by Jerry Bridges. Bridges was an author, speaker and staff member of The Navigators.

In the book, Jerry Bridges aims at helping readers to become more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Sharing his own story in the journey of becoming more like Christ, Jerry shows the two extremes that Christians tend to fall into. On one extreme, one assumes that we could live the Christian life by moral willpower: “Just read the Bible and do as it says”, it is said, instead of relying on the Holy Spirit. One doesn’t realize how the internal fighting between the flesh and the Spirit wearies them. After being so wearied out, many give up on themselves and despair. On the other extreme is a passive approach to spiritual transformation where it is said: “let go and let God’’. This approach teaches that you can do nothing for your transformation but trust in Jesus. Soon this turns out to be discouraging as there is no evident change in a Christian’s life.

In light of this, based on a careful study of the Scriptures, the writer teaches on dependent responsibility. The book is basically divided into two. The first part he labors to show how the gospel is the foundation and motivation for spiritual transformation. In the second part he helps us understand how the gospel through the Holy Spirit brings transformation to believers. Jerry Bridges gives a very clear outlay of the gospel throughout the book. He follows a systematic approach starting with the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man. He helps us understand how serious God’s holiness is and why His wrath is necessary. Jerry shows how sin is not just a mistake but an active rebellion to God. Sin is an utter despising of God’s law. Once we understand how pervasive our sinful nature is, it is easy to get discouraged, he writes. The gospel keeps us from discouragement as we see how continually we come short in obedience, from self-righteousness because the gospel is only for sinners and finally, the gospel is the great motivator for pursuing spiritual transformation.

The good news of the gospel is not that we are not so bad: the good news is that God, through Christ, has dealt with our badness. Knowing this truth is the solution to a performance -based relationship with God that tends to either go toward self-righteousness or continual sense of guilt. A daily embracing of the gospel reminds us that the moment we trusted in Christ alone, we were declared right with God because He gave us the state of Christ which is complete righteousness. This means we are never more or less righteous regardless of our performance. In fact, believers are as righteous in our standing with God as we will be in heaven.

The grace of God in achieving a forever-righteous standing with Him through Jesus motivates the believer to be more like Jesus. The security in knowing that our standing with God is not affected by our performance keeps us from getting discouraged from our failures. Even after we are aware of this security we still rely on the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, create good desires in us and create change. The way we connect to the power of the Holy Spirit is by faith – renouncing any confidence in our own willpower and relying entirely on the Holy Spirit to empower us. Jerry shows how the Holy Spirit uses spiritual disciplines (which he calls instruments of grace) to conform us to the image of Christ.

I would recommend this book to every believer. The book covers a very important aspect of Christian life; transformation. It shows how the power of the gospel equips us for holy living. It is divided in small chapters that are easy to follow and it could be done as an individual or small group setting. It has really helped me to grasp what the gospel means and how it empowers me to be more Christ-like.

This book review has been written by Lillian Wambui who was an apprentice last year serving at Medical Missions Africa. She’s now an alumna. 

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Book review – “God’s Big Picture: Tracing the story line of the Bible.”

This book has been written by Vaughan Roberts who is a founder member of 9:38 and is on the leadership team of the Proclamation Trust.

I had always struggled with thoughts that the Old Testament is outdated and God's Big Pictureirrelevant to a 21st Century Christian. I thought that there is no need to read the Old Testament and even if I was reading I would only choose passages that looked appealing and leave the rest. Even when trying to understand I could see myself in those passages, for example in 1 Samuel 17 I could easily see myself as the David in the passage! By doing this I was wrong in at least three ways: a) I missed the big point the passage is talking about, b) I totally missed out the author’s intended purpose – why that passage is included in the Bible and c) I failed to see where I am in the Bible’s story line and how that part contributes to the main story of the Bible. I have learnt this from God’s Big Picture which has come in handy in enhancing my understanding of the Bible. As the title suggests God’s Big Picture is a book that helps readers to trace the story line of the Bible.

The author says ‘My aim is to provide all Christians, from the new convert to the mature believer, with an overview of the whole Bible that will help them see how different parts fit together.’ He aims to help us find our way around the Bible and to see how various parts of the Bible hold together and point us to Jesus. This was helpful for me first to learn that the Bible is fundamentally one book and this completely changed how I read the Bible – reading it as a whole and not just sections independently. Whenever I open to read I should be able to know where I stand in the story line of the Bible – what has come before and where I am going. Secondly this helped me to appreciate the fact that the Bible is not about me – I am not the David! Ultimately the Bible is one book, written by one ultimate Author – God, with one theme Jesus Christ and the salvation God accomplishes through him.

The format of the book is easy as the author has divided the book into eight sections which are easy to remember and shows God’s unfolding plan to restore His kingdom. I love the way Vaughan brings out his arguments. The flow of thoughts is amazing with good connectivity from one chapter to the other without losing focus of his main purpose. At the end of every chapter there’s a relevant Bible study useful to help one grasp what they have learnt in the chapter.

This book will not make you an expert in all the details of Scripture but it helps readers to see the big picture of the Bible. It has helped me to get the gospel right by reading the Bible in context – not seeing myself in Scriptures but seeing Jesus Christ, not possessing Old Testament blessings and promises rather seeing the One who the promises point to and who fulfills them. This has also helped me in my teaching of the Bible to the youth.

For every Christian to correctly handle the Word of God – reading it correctly, rightly applying it and teaching it to others correctly – we need to know that the Bible is a story about God’s plan of Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ and be able to know how various parts point to this. I recommend this book to every Christian to understand God’s word and His plan of redemption.

This book review has been written by Kevin Moses. Kevin a January apprentice , was based in Deliverance Church, Mombasa and served with the young people as well as other duties in the church. He is now doing his 2nd year placed at Grace Baptist, Machakos.

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Apprentice: Serving in Isiolo

Ephraim Kironji

Ephraim teaching a group of women of a Self-help group

My name is Ephraim. I come from Rironi, a village in Limuru where there is chilly and cold temperatures throughout the year. On the other hand, Isiolo is hot and warm throughout the year which was a totally new environment to me. It never crossed my mind that at any one time I would come to this land to serve the Lord. Majority of the people here are Borana and speak the Borana language. Even with the language barrier, I praise God to have been able to interact with a lot with them and to learn a few words in Borana.

Back in campus, I desired to find a Christian Organization to learn more about God and serve Him. Praise God that I came across iServe Africa. It is now 10 months since joining the apprenticeship programme; it has been a worthwhile time learning so many things concerning faithful Bible teaching and serving.

Being two apprentices at the placement has helped ease the work load greatly. I also met three other staff who have made my time here enjoyable and fruitful. We work as a team in a community based organization by the name ‘Oasis of Hope Initiative’. I am involved in the school mentorship programs which aim at mentoring students in schools. Several times I have worked with the Women Self Help Groups in teaching them on several topics. I am also involved in translating our English training manuals to Kiswahili which is quite involving. Sometimes I help in preparing annual plans, writing project proposals for soliciting funds as well as writing mission reports whenever we plan and conduct missions to the unreached people groups.

In serving the women and young people, I have come to realize how much every one of us is in dire need of the gospel every day. I had not realized how sinful I am until this training. The Lord has been helping me to work with different people with a lot of patience and love. Most of those we target here at my placement are Muslims. O that they may know Jesus Christ the true living God for the forgiveness of their sins! I will forever be grateful to iServe for allowing me to have this cross-cultural experience among the Borana people group.

Through the training in the apprenticeship programme I have come to know that my faith is safe and secure in Christ Jesus unlike earlier when I lived a life of fear and insecurity that my faith may fail. I can now confidently say that I am born again. I have come to know of whom I have believed in and know that it was through the amazing grace of God that I came to faith. My desire is to be involved in gospel ministry forever. For that reason, I am seeking more training with iServe. It is my prayer to be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Ephraim Kironji is one of our apprentices serving in Isiolo. Isiolo is a County in the former Eastern province of Kenya. It is mostly arid or semi-arid.


Book Review: Show Them Jesus

I have been brought up in a Pentecostal church and happened to be entitled ‘teacher Morris’ because I was teaching Sunday school in my local church. At that time I thought that children need to be taught Christian behavior, ‘churchy’ experiences and being able to master Bible stories so that they can live a good life which is what is happening in many churches. It is after I joined apprenticeship program at iServe Africa that I came across this book titled “Show them Jesus”.

Some things that inspired me to read the book is the statements that children quit church in college level because they learnt much about Christian behavior and churchy experiences which didn’t really change them. They never saw Jesus so strikingly that he becomes their one and greatest Love. They were never convinced that Jesus is better – a zillion times better than anything and everything else.

Show Them Jesus‘Show them Jesus’ is a book written by Jack Klumpenhower. Jack is a Bible teacher and a children’s ministry curriculum writer with more than thirty years of experience. He has created Bible lessons and taught children about Jesus in churches, camps, clubs, conferences, and Christian schools all over the world. This background has made Jack to speak into detail about teaching the gospel to kids.

Jack explains why kids really, really need us and the point is that we are called to teach the good news – all Jesus is and all he has done by his life, death and resurrection.

He says, ‘We need to learn to teach the good news to the kids and they need to understand that Jesus Christ did not bring religion but good news. That when we talk about news is not what you do – it’s what someone else has done that affects you. The good news mean that you relate to God based on what Jesus has done for you not what you have done to prove yourself worthy. Many times we have been giving children good advice instead of the good news. Eventually, kids will tire of our advice, no matter how good it might be and many will leave the church. Others will live decent church lives but without any fire for Christ which is equally as dangerous.’

Section one of his book that comprises of the first five chapters Jack answers the question “Why teach the good news?” He has given the following answers: Because Jesus is everything we need, the good news is like nothing else, the good news is for church kids too, the good news changes hard hearts, the good news is the Bible’s theme song.

Section two that comprises of the last six chapters he talks of ‘How to Teach the Good News’ in this session he has discussed the following: ‘How to teach the good news from the Old Testament, how to teach the good news from the new testament, taking the good news beyond lesson time, taking the good news into all of life, living the good news through prayer, and making the good news your great hope.

He concludes the book by giving twelve answers to the objection that teaching God’s free grace to children leads to lax obedience and states that those who love God’s grace also love to obey him.

‘Show them Jesus’ is a book that I would read every now and then as it has changed my perspective on teaching the gospel to kids; that it’s not about leaving the kids with lessons about behavior but instead showing them Jesus. I recommend it to all who are involved with children at church and at home and would like to learn on how best to teach them the gospel.

Bryan Chapell, one of those who recommends the book says “we want kids to know about Jesus, but we leave them with lessons about behavior and they leave the church as soon as possible. Here’s book that sweetly, masterfully, and powerfully tells us what the gospel really is and how it can really change a child’s life and eternity.”

This book review has been written by Morris Ndoro a January-December apprentice placed at ACK St Luke’s Diocese of Butere. Morris helps in the church as well as teaching God’s Word in schools nearby.



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Book Review: Gaining the World, Losing the Soul

“Gaining the World, Losing the Soul: How the prosperity gospel distorts the good news” is a book written by three authors: Maura M, Mbugua K and Piper J.

The authors aim to show the harm prosperity gospel has had on the true gospel; how it gaining the worldhas robbed, distorted, corrupted, sugarcoated and misinterpreted the true meaning of the gospel. It has reduced God to the level of a mere sugar daddy.

The introduction defines the prosperity gospel saying that it refers to the preaching that declares that Christ came to offer us salvation from sickness, poverty and all earthly sufferings and not “merely” salvation. The prosperity gospel carries with it four distortions that are distantly different from the true gospel: it offers a smaller God, it distorts man’s greatest need, empties the gospel of its power and it robs God of his glory.

Maura gives a comparison between the true and false gospel. He uses the example of Cain and Seth. Cain chose to focus on false earthly prosperity and Seth focused on calling on the Lord and looked to an eternal and heavenly city. True prosperity is enjoyed by those who focus on God. Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is because the prosperity gospel encourages us to think that the definition of well being and God’s blessing is wealth and it lures the wealthy into a sense of complacency. It leads to an illusion of self sufficiency. Mbugua states that the prosperity gospel comes about because of misinterpretation of the bible. Prosperity preachers decide what Scripture means to their merit.

Mbugua outlines the true meaning of the true gospel. Firstly that the true gospel is the gospel life of Christ’s life on earth which is identified by suffering. Just as he suffered so his followers will suffer for his sake. The books shows that despite the suffering and trial of sharing the true gospel we have the hope of the blessings of the true gospel – eternity through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The mostly targeted audience as stated by Mbugua in the introduction part is: the preachers of the prosperity gospel and those that have fallen prey of it. The book also appeals to all Christians who know the true gospel to be able to boldly speak against false teachings.

The book has helped me to clearly see that true prosperity is enjoyed by those whose focus is God and that true prosperity is rejoicing in my sufferings since the supremacy of Christ is manifested in my suffering. Material things are not bad but if we are living for material prosperity then we are building our houses on sand. Christ suffered and if the master suffered, I as a servant should expect nothing less.

The gospel is about God’s love for us and the heart of the gospel is Christ himself – his death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. To understand the cross is to understand the true gospel. True prosperity is preaching the crucified Christ. Prosperity preaching leads people away from Christ but there is hope as Jesus tells the wealthy Laodicea Church in Revelation. Repentance is the only hope left. Christ came for all!

This book has really helped me a lot in clearly differentiating the true gospel from the false gospel. I highly recommend this book to every believer and everyone seeking to know the truth in a time when there are so many preachers preaching so many things.

This book review has been written by Alice Mutheu, a January apprentice serving in Karen Community Church helping with children’s ministry.