As part of our growing strategic partnerships, we have been working with an organization in Uganda known as GLA- Global Link Afrika on an exchange programme. It involves exchange of medical professionals who are keen on serving in remote areas where we have been working before and have established access to health as one of the big challenges. This project has been facilitated by Norec (Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation).

The project has been in operation for the last 5 years and we are grateful to Norec who have been made this possible through their partnership.

Some of the placements where the project has been implemented are;

                  1.  Sololo Mission Hospital at the border between Kenya and Ethiopia.

                  2. St. Joseph’s shelter of hope hospital in Voi.

                  3. Anglican Development Services (ADS) Mt. Kenya Hospital- Wanguru health centre in Wanguru, Mwea.

                  4. Namasyolo Health Centre, Busia Uganda.

                  5. Shalom Clinic, Busia, Uganda

                  6. Lotirir health centre, Karamoja, Uganda

                  7. Anyavu health centre, Arua district, Uganda


So far, the project has had We have had over ‘20’ participants in the project. The exposure they have to communities and people from different backgrounds has been an eye opener for many of them. The opportunities to interact with the people has opened a wide range of opportunities. We have some of the participants who have gone back to the communities they served in to be long term missionaries.  Check out NOREC WEBSITE HERE


Diana served as a missionary at Asavu in Arua District, that is in the North Western part of Uganda, through activities like conducting Bible studies among the youth in the community, participated in preaching the word of God during community fellowships, at the same time using her profession as a health worker to serve the community people in physical health related issues
Najjuuko Diana
(Diana is a Ugandan trained health worker currently serving at Sombo in Tana River county,Kenya)
Kaloki's former placement was Sololo mission hospital in Marsabit, Kenya. Practically he was involved in Nutrition care, HIV/AIDS clinical services, TB clinical care and community outreachs on Maternal and Child Health.
Kenneth Kaloki
(A Kenyan trained health worker currently serving Kei Health Center III, Yumbe district, Uganda)
Mumbere Josephat is a committed Christian who is passionate about missions and desires to use his profession (Health worker) as a tool in fulfilling the Great Commission – to go and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples who will then go out and make other disciples.
Mumbere Josphat
(He is a Ugandan health worker who is currently serving at St. Lukes Mission Hospital Kaloleni, Kenya)
Lonah previously served at St Joseph Shelter of Hope Mission Hospital Voi where she assisted in the Maternal and Child Health department, Triage of patients, Conducted Community Outreaches on health matters like immunization.
Lonah Etago
(A public health worker from Kenya, Lonah is currently serving at Boroboro Health Centre III,Lira District, Uganda)
Kanyere Lilian is a committed Christian passionate about missions with a desire to participate in God’s Great Commission to go and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples who will then go and make other disciples. She desires to serve the people with her profession as a health worker 
Kanyere Lilian
(A professional health worker from Uganda, currently serving at Kenya Assemblies of God dispensary Sombo in Garisa county, Kenya)
David formely served at Sololo mission hospital in Northern Kenya. He was involved in OPD, General wards, CCC and MCH/FP . He was also involved in community outreach where he could give health education on family planning, immunization,testing HIV/AIDS , mentorship in schools .In church ministry he was attached at St John ACK church where he participated in Bible study , choir and everything Thursday fellowship.
David Wafula
(Wafula is a Kenyan health worker currently serving at Kei Heath center 3. Yumbe, Uganda)
Brenda previously served at Amasyolo Health Center II, and Shalom church. Busia Uganda in her first year. As a missionary nurse she used to do; community health sensitization and outreach, Maternal, child health care promotion and provision, Evangelism, Discipleship, mentorship and counseling.
Brenda Kusima
(Brenda is from Uganda and currently serving at St Luke Mission Hospital Kaloleni in Kilifi county,Kenya)


“In Uganda I gained a lot of knowledge and skills on managing acute malnutrition because of the nature of the area I was placed in. I am utilizing those skills in the Mother and child clinic at the hospital. I counsel mothers whose children are mildly malnourished and enroll the ones who are moderately and severely malnourished for support i.e supplements.”
Bekky Njihia
(A Kenyan food scientist who served in Lotirir, Uganda in 2019/2021)
“The many challenges I faced taught me to be resilient and creative in finding solutions to various life challenges even after the exchange”
Joan Acheng
(A Ugandan Community Health Professional who served in Voi, Kenya in 2019/2021)
“Learnt practical ways of conflict resolution, stress management, patience and endurance.”
Daisy Njenga
(A Kenyan nurse who served in Anyavu, Uganda in 2019/2021)
“My view of life has change in a sense that I realized I can adopt to new culture and stay anywhere no matter the culture despite me loving my culture more.”
Monica Etap
(A Ugandan Community psychologist who served in Sololo, Kenya) in 2019/2021)
I have gained competence in conducting deliveries even with limited resources.”
Elosy Karwitha
(Kenyan nurse who served in Namasyolo, Uganda in 2019/2021)
“The trainings which were held by the organization, iServe Africa, helped me a lot as I got to develop a reading culture which was still a challenge to me before.”
Enock Muwanguzi
(A Ugandan Clinical Officer who served in Mwea, Kenya in 2019/2021)

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