TransformD Discipleship Programme

TransformD Discipleship Programme focuses on discipling and mentoring high school leavers between the age of 17-21 years of age into Christ-centered individuals.

The programme runs annually and is fully residential for four months (Feb- May), providing adequate and uninterrupted time for the participants to be trained, equipped and mentored in the gospel to face life.

What we offer in the Programme


We disciple young people by encouraging and developing them in character and passion for Christ.. This is achieved through topical plenaries, preaching and small group bible study.


We provide the participant with a cross-cultural mission experience among the unreached people were they get an opportunity to reach out through evangelism, VBS and youth camp.

Life Skills

We train the participants in crucial life skills: Time Management, Basic computer skills, Creative Writing, Hard Work, Discipline, Basic Cooking skills, Craft Work, First Aid and other skills.


We assign a mentor to every participant with whom they met with at least once a

week for mentorship session on life matters and the experiences during the programme.

Testimonials from some of the alumnus of TransformD Programme

“TransformD Programme has been very nice. Here are a few of many lessons I have learnt while attending the program and how they have proven to be of great value in my life after the programme. My biggest take away was to see that Jesus is the son of God, he come to save and we should respond to him in repentance and obedience. We were also taught how to cook, clean and knitting. Through the mission trip to Kitui, Kanzinwa I learnt the important of sharing the word of God with people around me. I thank God for the privilege and the opportunity he gave me to sit under people and to be taught about him. How I pray that I will never depart from the way.”

Aron Lempisikichoi

TransformD Partcipant 2023

” I really appreciate God for giving me the chance to participate in the TransformD Programme.. These are a handful of the lessons I took away from the training. From Genesis to Revelation, Christ is at the heart of everything and that the Bible is all about Him (His redeeming work). In addition, we learned how to manage time, computer skills, and self discipline skills. We performed manual labor in small groups, such as cleaning and cooking for the entire team. These activities shaped me into a team member and made serving others more enjoyable for me. Being a part of the program opened my eyes to see how sinful I am and in need of a savior.”


TransformD Partcipant 2023

“Being a part of the TransformD program over the past few months has truly inspired me. I have gained so much knowledge . Here are some lessons that I have learnt: Nobody can take credit for their own salvation because it was not by our own efforts—we were dead in our sins—but rather by God’s grace through trust in Jesus Christ we get saved. We made no contribution to our salvation; it was entirely God’s doing. We had the chance to learn life skills like journaling, keeping diaries, and practicing spiritual disciplines; these were things I had never considered or done before. Being in charge of a bible study group taught me how to be accountable and to

lead with diligence.”

Henry Mbare

TransformD Partcipant 2023

“Being a part of the program is such a thrill. There are simply not enough words to express how useful this has been to me. Over the past few months, I’ve really transformed how I think about the Gospel. I’ve learnt that when we accept Christ as our Savior, we are not to return to our past selves. Instead, we are to put off our old self that is associated with our former lives of disobedience to God and put on the new self-created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. A variety of life skills were taught to us, including the need of knowing one’s personality and applying while choosing a career. We learned about junior hustle whereby we use our skills to make something useful.

Judy Kigen

TransformD Partcipant 2023

“I am a second-year apprentice at iServe Africa currently serving at Voi

Taita-Taveta County. These are a few of many lessons I learned while attending

TransformD, and how they have proven to be of great value in my life after the programme. The biggest take away was the centrality of the gospel. Over the course of the programme, I heard of the person and work of Jesus Christ taught from the Bible. Never before had I heard a Christ centered gospel emphasized the way it was. This made the bible one story -that of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. We were also taught how to make journal, to budget, to cook and to evangelize. This firm grounding in the gospel especially has been an important tool given to me.”

Erick Musyimi Kioko

TransformD Partcipant 2019

“It has been more than 4 years since I left the Discipleship programme that aims at impacting high school leavers in the knowledge of the gospel and training them on how to be servant’s leaders as they continue to think of their next step after high school. I attended South Eastern Kenya University and pursued a Degree in B.Sc. Computer Science. Yes, time flies indeed. My experience in Campus was so good; I was able to make friends from different cultural background, thanks to my experience in the programme. I was also involved in the Christian Union mostly in the Bible study groups. Through the programme I was able to know how to read the bible, not to lift the verses from the bile but to read them in their context.”

Kelvin Kamwaro

TransformD Partcipant 2019


It costs us KSH. 20,000 to host one student for one full month during the programme.

We have however subsidised this by half, hence we ask parent/guardians to pay a fee of KSH. 10,000 per student, per month.

This fee only covers the cost for all meals, accommodate, training materials and utilities needed during the entire programme.

Parents/guardians are to cover all medical expenses in the event of such occurrence.  

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