TransformD Discipleship Programme

The programme is interested in discipling and mentoring high school leavers between the age of 17-21 years of age into Christ-centered individuals.

This is an annual fully residential programme that takes four months (Feb- May). This is to provide adequate and uninterrupted time to be trained, equipped and mentored in the gospel to face life.

Mentorship and Discipleship

To mentor and disciple young people by encouraging and developing them in character and passion for Christ.

Life Skills

To train the participants in crucial life skills: Time Management, Basic computer skills Reading, Creative Writing, Hard Work, Discipline, Relationships, First Aid, Responsibility etc


To provide young people with a cross-cultural mission experience among the unreached people.

The Word

To offer an environment where young people can explore questions about life & faith.

Discipleship; Talks on life and character issues, One to One Mentorship. mentor-mentee meet ups, etc.

*Bible Teachings; Plenary expository sessions, and topical series.

*Bible Studies; – Daily small group bible studies

*Every participant is a signed to a mentor with whom they met with at least once a week for mentorship session.

* The aim is to help the student speak out their heart on how the program was impacting them, address challenges that they face, un-resolve questions about life but also find time to pray with them.

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