“Most Christian programmes separate mission from discipleship, creating a faulty understanding of discipleship and mission. The significance of iServe Africa is that it is built on the understanding that discipleship is about mission and mission about discipleship. What blessing that young people can be helped to learn this early in their lives! I highly commend iServe Africa to Churches and Christian groups passionate about discipling young people.” Rt. Rev. Dr. David Zac Niringiye, Bishop, Church of Uganda

“Since 1980 Careforce has enabled hundreds of Christians from Britain and around the world to spend at least a year serving God in the UK through local churches and projects. We are thrilled that one of our alumni has established a similar ministry in Kenya. We pray that iServe Africa will be used by the Lord to raise up many gospel volunteers who will commend Jesus by life, word and deed within Kenya and beyond. We know such people will contribute mightily to local mission opportunities. We believe that they will also go on to be the faithful gospel workers that God will use in His overall mission strategy for Africa and the world.” – The Rev Ian Prior, Former Director, Careforce UK.

“As one who has been involved with internship programs for over 15 years, I see great value in what iServe Africa is doing. The need to equip young Gospel workers has never been greater! iServe Africa program is thorough – combining ministry theory and practice as well as providing the best platform for young people to discover and use their gifts. It is the kind of program I would like my own children to undertake. I highly recommend iServe Africa.” – Rev. Steve Maina, General Secretary, CMS New Zealand.

“iServe Africa is a strategic and innovative programme that will buttress mission enterprise in African countries. That it equips volunteers with contemporary skills to take Biblical gospel to the nations is particularly welcome at a time when Biblical Christianity is facing huge challenges. I commend iServe Africa strongly.” – Wanyeki Mahiaini, Church Leadership and Biblical Ministry Trainer, Kenya and Former Director of Training, All Souls Langham Place, London.

“Experience has shown the great value of apprenticeship schemes as a method of training for Christian ministry.  iServe Africa programme has come at a time of great need for training in the African church. We warmly commend this initiative.” – Matthew Morgan, Former Administrator, Nine Thirty Eight UK.

“This is a timely and strategic initiative for missions in the 21st century that demonstrates the seriousness with which Africa is responding to God’s call of involvement in global mission.” – Peter Oyugi, Senior Leader, Elmfield Church, UK.

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