Daniel KiraguI am Daniel Kiragu a fourth born in a family of seven, three sisters and three brothers. I was born in kitale and later moved to Kiambu County at two years where I was brought up.

I joined Karangi Primary school where I completed class eight in 2007. I then joined Kimunyu high school in 2008 until 2011. I have just completed my four year course at Maseno University in B.Sc. Horticulture with IT awaiting graduation in December this year. In the future I hope to pursue economics and also law.
I am born again, I received Christ in 2008 while in form one at Kimunyu High School. I grew spiritually while in the Christian Union. I thank God for our patron for all she sacrificed for us. I had personal encounters with Christ and I have learnt to depend on Him.

I realized my calling as an evangelist while in form three after desiring to serve God in my calling. I want to serve God with my career plus my God given gifts and abilities in order to fulfil my purpose in this world. I desire to accomplish my mission which the Lord has purposed for me. It is my desire to live a life worthy of the calling.
I really long for a transformed Kenya and Africa where we will have godly men who will worship the Lord in truth and spirit. And to have a world of people who know and fear their God, people who are economically empowered and a world that is food secure through good agronomic practices. I desire a free world of people who are morally upright.

This desire became vivid when I attended Commission Conference 2014 at JKUAT after watching a clip on young children who were lost and corrupted with the evils of this world at a very tender age. I got my mind made up that doing ministry will be my lifetime endeavor. I hope to achieve this by working through all the age groups of people from the young to the old. But mostly be involved with the youth and much more the children in order to teach them in the right way by revealing Christ to them in their young age. I want to teach older people and the youths on how they can have an impact on the economic world through simple projects that they can initiate and hence become economically stable and also have a world free from food insecurity.

I will be joining iServe Africa in September for one year, a Christian organization that aims at investing in the next generation by equipping, training, mentoring and sending young people to go into the world and make disciples for Christ. Through iServe Africa, I hope to preach Jesus and the power of his cross as he came to set people free from their sins.
I also want to learn more on servant leadership and faithful bible teaching with the help of the well laid structure of the training program at iServe Africa. I believe that God is going to use me as his vessel and be able to reach more and keep them in Christ through discipleship.

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  1. Hey bro Kiragu… I am encouraged by your zeal for the Lord and to make Him known to the nations. Thats’ our one and only reason we are on earth. May He increase and provide for you in everything…

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