I joined iServe Africa in September 2021 and my journey has been delightful this far. My placement has been Grace Point Church- Kikuyu, where I help with Children’s and Youth work, Accounting and Administrative duties, as well as Communications.

These past few months have been beneficial for my training in that I have grown in many ways both in my convictions in the gospel and in ministry. I have come to understand, appreciate, and love the local church more in that it is the institution that Christ Himself is building and protecting to the end of time since He purchased it with His own blood at the cross and is the Head.

So far, we have had two, 2-week physical Ministry Training Courses (MTCs) and two online, one that is currently ongoing. These have given me a great opportunity for growth in my understanding of the gospel. I have been helped to see the whole Bible as one story whose central character is Jesus Christ in whom God’s plan for redemption is accomplished. I have since learned to study the whole of scripture in light of the cross of Christ knowing that no Bible story is random but that all scripture roads lead to Jesus Christ.

Understanding these and other gospel truths has really grown in my heart a desire to know more and more about Jesus through the written word, which is sufficient for my edification and transformation through the working of the Holy Spirit. I thank God that I have really grown in the assurance of my salvation knowing that it all rests with my Savior, Lord, and Shepherd Jesus Christ who has promised to guard and to guide me to the very end. These precious truths are continually shaping my worldview and daily transforming my heart to become more and more like Christ for God’s glory.

I have also come to value the gospel as the greatest need for sinful humanity (which is essentially the case of the whole human race) since it is the only means designed by God through which hearts in the bondage of the inherent sin can be freed and changed so that salvation can be reached in Christ Jesus. It is also the means of sanctification for those who are already Christians. This has therefore warmed my heart up toward faithful proclamation of God’s word and evangelism.

It is my heart’s desire to keep growing in my understanding of the gospel, the firmness of faith, and even more my godliness. I pray that the Lord will help me to be more zealous in sharing these gospel truths with other people prayerfully trusting that He will keep working His Salvation in the hearts of many people.

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