Ephraim Kironji
Ephraim teaching a group of women of a Self-help group

My name is Ephraim. I come from Rironi, a village in Limuru where there is chilly and cold temperatures throughout the year. On the other hand, Isiolo is hot and warm throughout the year which was a totally new environment to me. It never crossed my mind that at any one time I would come to this land to serve the Lord. Majority of the people here are Borana and speak the Borana language. Even with the language barrier, I praise God to have been able to interact with a lot with them and to learn a few words in Borana.

Back in campus, I desired to find a Christian Organization to learn more about God and serve Him. Praise God that I came across iServe Africa. It is now 10 months since joining the apprenticeship programme; it has been a worthwhile time learning so many things concerning faithful Bible teaching and serving.

Being two apprentices at the placement has helped ease the work load greatly. I also met three other staff who have made my time here enjoyable and fruitful. We work as a team in a community based organization by the name ‘Oasis of Hope Initiative’. I am involved in the school mentorship programs which aim at mentoring students in schools. Several times I have worked with the Women Self Help Groups in teaching them on several topics. I am also involved in translating our English training manuals to Kiswahili which is quite involving. Sometimes I help in preparing annual plans, writing project proposals for soliciting funds as well as writing mission reports whenever we plan and conduct missions to the unreached people groups.

In serving the women and young people, I have come to realize how much every one of us is in dire need of the gospel every day. I had not realized how sinful I am until this training. The Lord has been helping me to work with different people with a lot of patience and love. Most of those we target here at my placement are Muslims. O that they may know Jesus Christ the true living God for the forgiveness of their sins! I will forever be grateful to iServe for allowing me to have this cross-cultural experience among the Borana people group.

Through the training in the apprenticeship programme I have come to know that my faith is safe and secure in Christ Jesus unlike earlier when I lived a life of fear and insecurity that my faith may fail. I can now confidently say that I am born again. I have come to know of whom I have believed in and know that it was through the amazing grace of God that I came to faith. My desire is to be involved in gospel ministry forever. For that reason, I am seeking more training with iServe. It is my prayer to be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Ephraim Kironji is one of our apprentices serving in Isiolo. Isiolo is a County in the former Eastern province of Kenya. It is mostly arid or semi-arid.

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