In a world where so much is on offer, I wonder what women want. Not actually what what women really needthey want but what they really need. “What will satisfy our deepest longings? In this engaging collection of personal stories and thought-provoking articles, women share their insights into the significance of Jesus and the impact he can make in every woman’s life.”

“This is why I found this book to be of great help. As a woman who has experienced great hardship from longing for things of this world, some of what she speaks about truly matters to me. Some I realized I needed to be informed about so as to think about them in a godly way. The greatest question then is, what is it that every woman needs?” One woman says.

The different authors aim to lay out patterns of thought that will help women to be zealous for the LORD and with full realization that he is the only One who can satisfy the deepest longing in our hearts. I wanted to read this book to see whether I would get help on where to find satisfaction, stability and contentment. And sure enough, the writers of the book bring it out so clearly. “Most are the times I would fumble from one change to the next, trying to find something stable to build my foundation but I ended up repeating the same mistake time and again. Hence life was not what I expected for time to time. I lacked lasting satisfaction since I missed out on one crucial and satisfying relationship. Due to this I ended up being blinded by material wealth forgetting that this life is just a speck on the scale of eternity. I have come to appreciate that Jesus is the only stable rock that does not move where our stability can be found, the only one whose relationship will satisfy and who will fill and influence my life in order to be contented.”

Honestly sometimes I am tempted to ask questions like; where is God? How could God let this happen to me? This is due to personal worries, anxieties, tensions, struggles, fractured relationships, failing health and difficulties that often force me to reconsider what life is all about. With all this in mind I wondered whether God has anything to say in this frightening world without hope. The writers have helped me to have hope that God has spoken through his Son Jesus, who perfectly shows me how God is like. When we read the Bible we see how relevant it is to live in this insecure world, since God is in charge, faithful and forgiving.

I have come to know that Jesus in his compassion gave his life so that we could be reconciled to God hence, what a comfort it is to call on God who knows how it is like to live in this fallen and broken world.

As the author puts it and I agree with her, that what every woman really needs is a man. Not just a man, but the Man Jesus Christ who is the only way to be saved from death and judgment. ‘What women really need’ is a book I would like to read every now and then as it has changed my perspective on the Man Jesus and who he is in my life. I highly recommend this book to every woman as it will greatly help and challenge them in their day to day life and situations.

Everlyne Muoki has written this book review. Muoki is a second year apprentice placed in the office and helping in the TransformD Discipleship Programme. 

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