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u course brochure front

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  • How can all our ministry to be shaped by and centred on and driven by the gospel of Christ crucified?
  • How can we preach in a way that lets loose the full power of the speaking God?
  • How does the whole Bible story speak to the leadership crisis?

U-Course: Church-based short courses for head, heart and hands

  • U is for Utumishi
  • U is for You – these are practical course aimed at pastors, evangelists, youth leaders, Sunday School teachers, student leaders – anyone involved in Word and prayer ministry who wants to be sharpened and refocused.
  • U is for U-turn – as Paul said to Timothy, “But as for you…” – in these last days we are to be 180 degrees from our power-hungry, celebrity-worshiping, unthinkingly pragmatic, instant generation – we’re going to need to be radical, go back to the Word and completely rethink ministry.

At iServe Africa we don’t think we are experts or that we’ve got all the answers but we are convinced that the Bible does have all the answers and that those answers are very different to the ones we often hear. We love the gospel of Christ crucified. We want to be go ever deeper in that gospel and preach that gospel and see it shape our ministries and our whole lives. Most of all we’re convinced that no course or programme can change us – only knowing Jesus.

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