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Book Review: Gaining the World, Losing the Soul

“Gaining the World, Losing the Soul: How the prosperity gospel distorts the good news” is a book written by three authors: Maura M, Mbugua K and Piper J. The authors aim to show the harm prosperity gospel has had on the true gospel; how it has robbed, distorted, corrupted, sugarcoated and misinterpreted the true meaning […]

Roho Mtakatifu ni nani?

And he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” And they said, “No, we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.” (Acts 19:2) For a disciple not to have heard about the Holy Spirit is Not A Good Thing. For those of us who want to emphasise (I think […]

Induction 2016: The new team

Great time last weekend with the new team of iServe Africa ministry apprentices. Looking forward to a great year of listening again and again to the gospel together, exploring it, living it out, speaking it, enjoying Jesus more. Here are the notes for apprentices… 5 Keys to Personal Support Raising How to write a prayer […]

MTC days 2-5: Imara

Thanking God for teaching us lots of things about himself and ourselves last week. Thanks for our external speakers and facilitators who were really excellent. Thanks for our cooks who fed us wonderfully. Thanks for the apprentices who graciously endured long days and cramped conditions and engaged brilliantly. Here are the resources, notes and links […]

We are dust

As a follow up to the material from the last MTC on Self Care 101 and as a preparation for some of the material we’ll be looking at in next month’s MTC on the Book of Job and remaining steadfast long term, the video below is a very helpful interview with our friend and elder brother […]

What is this expository preaching thing?

What is this expository preaching thing?

If you hang around iServe Africa a bit you might (hopefully) notice that we have a passion for faithful Bible teaching – ‘faithful’ not in the sense of turning up every week but faithful to the Bible text – what you see (on the page) is what you get (in the sermon). This is often called […]

Scratching the surface

Increasingly aware that we’re only touching on some very big topics in these Training Wednesdays but exciting nonetheless to paddle at the edges of some big oceans and sense something of the vastness and complexity and beauty of some of these subjects – the person of the Spirit, the highs and lows of Christendom, the plan […]

Against the world for the sake of the world

Against the world for the sake of the world

Been loving Piper’s 2005 conference message on Athanasius. Very well worth listening to or reading in full. But to whet your appetite, here are the lessons he draws out: Defending and explaining doctrine is for the sake of the gospel of Christ’s glory and our everlasting joy. Joyful courage is the calling of a faithful shepherd. If […]

Floodlight ministry

Floodlight ministry

A new term of Training Wednesdays and we kicked off with: New series – Doctine of the Spirit – Session 1: Introducing Him New series – Turning Points in Church History – Session 1: 70 AD New series – Preaching Skills – Session 1: Sermon Preparation Toolkit Conversation KE

Total Gospel: MTC December 2015

Tim Keller puts it like this: ‘We never “get beyond the gospel” in our Christian life to something more “advanced.” The gospel is not the first “step” in a “stairway” of truths, rather, it is more like the “hub” in a “wheel” of truth. The gospel is not just the A-B-C’s of Christianity, but it […]