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A call to spiritual reformation

When we’re thinking about reformation we can easily focus exclusively on the ministry of the Word and forget the desperate need for prayer – or rather the desperate need for God expressed through prayer. In one of the best books available on the subject of prayer, Don Carson shows us how Word and Prayer go […]

Jinsi ya: Public prayer

Leading a congregation of God’s people in prayer is a privilege but not an easy thing. Here are a few resources and then a few more tips. Kingdom-centred prayer 4 reasons every church needs a time of confession and How to keep it fresh How to lead a prayer meeting 10 tips for leading corporate prayer […]

Faithful in gospel mission: MTC 1 2017

It has been great to have two weeks together, particularly preparing the new group of apprentices as they go out into challenging mission placements all over Kenya (and beyond). Second Timothy was one of our main texts for the fortnight and our expositors drew out very clearly for us that what the Lord is seeking […]

Teach us to pray

The disciples’ request of Jesus was perhaps the height of their wisdom pre-Pentecost. It was brilliant because they realised they didn’t know how to pray. It is not obvious. It is not intuitive. It’s possible to get it wrong. They realised that even though they’d prayed for years, maybe they knew nothing. They realised they […]

Enjoy your prayer life

One of the books kindly provided to us by our friends at 10ofthose, required reading for iServe Africa apprentices, reviewed here by Daphne Kabeberi: As the title suggests, “Enjoy your prayer life” encourages Christians to pray and teaches succinctly on how Christian prayer works.  It seems chiefly aimed at those for whom prayer has been […]

Faithfulness in Gospel Mission

Faithfulness in Gospel Mission

The more important thing than hermeneutics is reading. In other words grappling with Scripture is primarily an exercise of attentiveness to One who speaks through a text. (John Webster, Kantzer Lectures, 2007) Thanking God for the last week of the Ministry Training Course and good times listening at the feet of Jesus. Here are some notes, resources and links […]