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Sanctification in the everyday

As we finished the series on Leviticus we were struck by how holiness touches on every area of life – eating, drinking, money, land, sexuality, employment, our relationships with one another. This is a God who has bought us and he will have all of us.  #NittyGritty From Training Wednesday: Sanctification 4 – Faith Sanctification 5 […]

India, Cleansing, Biblical Theology and Listening

Another very full Wednesday. Thanks for the second year apprentices keeping going and engaging with it all and to our different facilitators including guest Dr Kevin Oberlin. Thanks and praise most of all to our great God and Saviour who cleansed us once and for all by his own blood. Here are some connected links and […]

The Law, the lost and Leviticus

A very rich day of training on Wednesday. Many thanks to our teachers. On the place of the Law in the Christian life (Kip Chelashaw) On Islam: The Qur’an and The Hadith Answering Muslims Answering Islam How does Christianity ‘subversively fulfil’ Islam (Chris Flint) On Leviticus: A bloody religion (Thabiti Anyabwile) David Field on Leviticus […]

Addressing the hole in our holiness

‘The great Puritans were as humble-minded and warm-hearted as they were clear-headed, as fully-orientated to people as they were to Scripture, and as passionate for peace as they were for truth. They would certainly have diagnosed today’s fixated Christian intellectualists as spiritually-stunted, not in their zeal for the form of sound words but in their […]

RTB Kisumu 2015

RTB Kisumu 2015

. Praising God for a good time with some wonderful brothers and sisters in Kisumu. Here are some tweet-esque highlights: “Shall I obey the word of the terrorist or the word of God?”- missionary receiving death threat posted under his door It’s not a question of Will you suffer? – of course you’ll suffer, that’s […]