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Standing in Christ: Imara 2017

Last week was our April Ministry Training Week. It was Easter week and the approaching celebration of the sufferings and victorious resurrection of our Lord and Saviour brought a sharpness and shone a bright light on our time together. Fidel opened up the neglected book of Lamentations for us, we walked through the last chapters […]

Faithful and fruitful in mission – MTC1 2016

We have been reminded recently as a staff team from John 15 that we should be aiming not only at faithfulness (as a steward discharging a duty) but also at a joyful, loving, prayerful, Christlike, tangible, supernatural fruitfulness. At the Ministry Training Course last week we were looking at 2 Timothy and Colossians and seeing there faithfulness […]

MTC days 2-5: Imara

Thanking God for teaching us lots of things about himself and ourselves last week. Thanks for our external speakers and facilitators who were really excellent. Thanks for our cooks who fed us wonderfully. Thanks for the apprentices who graciously endured long days and cramped conditions and engaged brilliantly. Here are the resources, notes and links […]


In his preface to the revised (2004) edition of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Pastor Mark Dever has a very interesting potential ‘tenth mark’: “If I had to add one more mark to what you’re about to read, it wouldn’t be missions or prayer or worship; but it would touch on all of those things. […]

RTB Arusha: Mhubiri aliye Mtumishi

RTB Arusha: Mhubiri aliye Mtumishi

Thanking God for a great time at Munguishi Bible College, Arusha, Tanzania. One of the things we did was to look at what the world values in terms of leadership and compare that to what Paul tells Titus to look for. . Three observations: There is some overlap between the leadership the world desires and the […]

Steadfast 24-7: the last three days

Steadfast 24-7: the last three days

This has been our prayer the last few days: I thank thee for the holy Scriptures, their precepts, promises, directions, light. In them may I learn more of Christ, be enabled to retain his truth and have grace to follow it. Help me to lift up the gates of my soul that he may come in […]