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Second year classes term 2 [1]

It’s been a good half term looking at gospel-driven sanctification, the letter of 1 Corinthians and thinking about other religions. Here are some of the notes and resources: Sanctification: Union with Christ Sanctification: Adoption Sanctification: Lordship, Law & Obedience Sanctification: Faith Sanctification: Spirit How to think about other religions Intro to Islam Intro to Buddhism […]

The Second David

As a friend remarked as he read through the Bible, “There’s a lot about David!” David is the subject of 1 Samuel through to 2 Kings 2 and from 1 Chronicles 11 through to the end of the book. That is 76 chapters! Add the Psalms attributed to David and you reach over 150 chapters. […]


Geoffrey Wachira, in his session on Critical Thinking and Asking Questions at the Ministry Training Course, pleaded with us to… Think! The world, the flesh and the devil don’t want us to think.  The cults and the false teachers effectively say, ‘Don’t think, trust me, I’ll think for you, just believe.’  In contrast, true faith […]

India, Cleansing, Biblical Theology and Listening

Another very full Wednesday. Thanks for the second year apprentices keeping going and engaging with it all and to our different facilitators including guest Dr Kevin Oberlin. Thanks and praise most of all to our great God and Saviour who cleansed us once and for all by his own blood. Here are some connected links and […]

The light dawns

We finally got to the coming of Christ in our Bible overview with the 2nd year apprentices. The light has dawned, the king has come, grace has appeared, the branch has sprung up, the Son has been given. Resources for the last couple of weeks of Training Wednesdays: 365 Messianic Prophecies (Jews For Jesus) How […]

Darkness before the dawn

More good sessions of Training Wednesdays. Particularly appreciated how Harrison brought home to us the darkness over the Jewish nation just before the light from heaven dawned. The end of the Kings. The humiliation of the people. The desecration of the Temple. The occupation of their land. The promises to Abraham seemingly in tatters. The […]

Reloaded [3]

Reloaded [3]

More resources from recent Training Wednesdays: Bible timeline What’s Best Next Crazy Busy, Crazy Lazy Personal Organisation Youth ministry [Previously: Sessions 1-2; Sessions 3-4]

Reloaded [2]

Reloaded [2]

Had a great time yesterday with the 2nd years. Here are the notes and links in connection to the last couple of weeks of Training Wednesdays: Biblical Theology (sessions 3 & 4) The warning passages in Hebrews (Lee Gatiss) Personality & Ministry How to get things done: time, energy & mission (Tim Challies) Daily workflow […]