Last week was our April Ministry Training Week. It was Easter week and the approaching celebration of the sufferings and victorious resurrection of our Lord and Saviour brought a sharpness and shone a bright light on our time together. Fidel opened up the neglected book of Lamentations for us, we walked through the last chapters of Romans and the letter to the Ephesians, chewing on all sorts of meaty issues along the way.

One of the highlights for many of us was the lecture by Dr Caleb Kim on the last day – Good Friday – where he helped us explore the theme of spiritual warfare in Ephesians. He helped us see that spiritual power is really all about knowing the gospel of deliverance and our identity in Christ and then standing firm in Him. He discussed truth encounter and allegiance encounter as neglected but crucial elements of power encounter, and he testified to how he had personally spent hundreds of hours witnessing and interviewing witch doctors and yet was unharmed: “Look at me. I’m still here. I’m ok. I’m not scared. I’m in Christ.” In this way he not only taught us some great rock-solid gospel truths but he also represented in his very presence a living proof of our security in the Christ who has been exalted far above all authorities and powers and every name that is invoked.

He is risen indeed!


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