Praising God for a good time with some wonderful brothers and sisters in Kisumu. Here are some tweet-esque highlights:

“Shall I obey the word of the terrorist or the word of God?”- missionary receiving death threat posted under his door

It’s not a question of Will you suffer? – of course you’ll suffer, that’s the deal – the question is How will you respond?

The *substance* of our comfort = a greater reliance and hope in Him who raises the dead #SufferingLeader

Sin is very serious. Death is very serious. Sex is very serious. Holiness is very serious. God is very serious. #CounterCulturalLeviticus

MostHoly–>Holy–>Clean–>Unclean. Reminders of Gen.3 take you one way. Sacrificial death & a Second Adam take you the other way [Lev.11-16]

The faithful witness suffers but the Word is not chained #Jeremiah

We need leaders who will walk with people long term and tailor-make careful pastoral applications of the gospel to complex heart issues #2Cor1.24

Some notes and resources:

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