Last month South Sudan was our prayer focus at iServe Africa. Let’s keep in prayer for this troubled nation as news continues to come in:

  • Renewed fighting in South Kordofan in the last few days [AllAfrica].
  • Pray for peace and reconciliation for the sake of the vulnerable and for the sake of disrupted gospel work in this massively militarised country. Pray against negative ethnicity and for those seeking peaceful settlements.
  • Pray for healing, particularly for women and children traumatised by violence and war crimes.
  • Economic devastation, corruption, famine and shortages. Even areas not directly affected by fighting have supply lines cut. A contact serving in the north west says: “More than 20,000 people have fled from Aweil walking to North Sudan because of starvation. They cannot afford any food because of the hyper inflation in the Economy of S. Sudan. pray  that God will provide for them.”
  • At the same time, rampant materialism and pursuit of money, particularly in the urban areas.
  • Pray for good governance and God to raise up servant leaders.
  • Over half a million completely unreached people [Joshua Project].
  • The education system is hugely disrupted and at a low level. Pray for increased literacy (probably below one third) so that people can access God’s written Word for themselves.
  • Pray for raising up of godly leadership and healthy churches where the gospel is preached, the Word handled well, and God’s people display his character. Pray for the Cush4Christ ministry working alongside church planters, students and through radio ministry
  • Pray for Rev. Simon returning from studies to minister in Malakal, still largely in ruins after the intense fighting there in 2014.
  • Pray for S Sudanese refugees in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya – that they would find genuine refuge and that we (in Kenya) would extend love and hospitality rather than prejudice towards them.


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