My name is Kevin Ombima a third born in the family of four from Siaya County,  Rarieda Constituency. My life has always been shaped by various reflections that keep saturating my mind; these reflections has brought about many discoveries, which have formed the basis of the steps that have shaped my life. I went to Nyagoko Secondary school, where I was re-birthed by the grace of God, and later joined Kenyatta University, where I did Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)

My life was completely transformed while in campus where I discovered reasons for my existence. During my reflective moments, I came to discover how filthy I was, it was then that someone came, stooped low and picked me up from the dustbin. This was Christ Jesus, who found and collected me! Were it not for his love, I could have fully decomposed to forever waste away. I also came to discover that miners will always dig deep into the core of the earth to look for valuable minerals e.g. gold and silver. It amazes me whenever I remember how worthless I was yet Christ dug me up and out of the depths of sin where I had sunk!

These reflections made me discover that God has always been in the mission of restoring mankind back to himself and has decided to use men to fulfill this agenda. I also discovered that I wasn’t alone in the dustbin and the depths of sin where I had sunk many remained there! It was at this time that I came to realize that Christ pulled me up and out the depths of sin where I had sunk, into his wonderful light, that I may go back to the dustbin, this time not to decompose, but to make him known by those still there, that they too be might restored back to Him!

In campus, I served in the Christian union as a coordinator of BEST-P, responsible for training the union members with the skills of effective, diligent and thorough study of the scriptures, faithful and honest application of the scriptures in their lives and effective and faithful preaching of the Word of God. During the entire training, I came to discover how our generation is thirsty for true representatives of God, who will accurately handle the word of God, and preach it accurately to impact the world! This too challenged me and I asked myself “Will I stand to be counted as a true representative of God, who will handle his word accurately, to impact my generation?”

Finally, these words of Floyd McClung have actually shaped my life as I own them every day. He writes; “….Am no longer seduced by getting and gaining, but devoted to spreading and proclaiming the glory of God in nations. I desire to live as a pilgrim, unattached to the cares of this world. My prayer is that the Father’s passions become my passions. I desire to find satisfaction and significance in Him. My greatest dream is that the name of God will be praised in languages never before heard in heaven…” Lord, help me have an apostolic passion!

All these reflections worked together within me and has brought me to the point of considering to join iServe Africa as an apprentice as from September that I may continue growing as a servant leader and a faithful bible teacher, as well as impacting this generation with the gospel of Christ. My prayer and hope is that as He promised, He’ll surely be with me to the end of ages

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