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Geoffrey in a mission in West Pokot

My name is Geoffrey Muatha. I am a third born in a family of eight, four boys and four girls. I was born and brought up in a small village in Kangundo, in Machakos County and in a christian family. My childhood was full of memories and the good times we had in the neighborhood, enjoying the natural serene environment.

I love cooking, reading, writing articles and designing. You can’t separate my spirit from music and musical instruments. We have a pact. I also love hikes and outings. I have this indomitable relationship with electronics. I am a sparky sanguine, a giant killer, I fear rats and long words.

I went to a primary school within the locality and later in 2008 joined Machakos School for my secondary education. Here I experienced a revolution in all the faculties of my life. It is a place I owe a lot in my life.

I was born a naturally reserved boy, but here I was transformed to a proactive young man. I was so active in Sunday school, and a member of the young dancers in my local church. I grasped the real meaning of being a Christian in 2009; One who follows Christ as Lord and savior. My passion was rekindled, and now with a focus on the truth about who a Christian really is.

Being involved in the Christian union leadership gave me yet another opportunity to seek God more. I remember how we could preach in the assemblies, in the dormitories, in classes. I was branded the name Chaplain’. It was a big name to bear, and a sweet one to have. My core business  on earth as a Christian is to share the love of God to the nations. The reality of the great commission dawned on me and am embracing it till I give myself away.

As I left high school, I had promised God to dedicate one year after school and do mission work. I never knew how it would happen.  The words of the song ‘He leadeth me’ have been a profound encouragement. Whatever the lot that comes my way I gladly embrace knowing that Christ is with me. Joining iServe Africa as an apprentice brings my joy to completion, and my heart’s desire to reality. It’s a year am anticipating to grow in love with God and get to know him more and the power of his resurrection. It’s a year am yearning to serve and become.

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  1. Karibu sana Geoffrey, his love and skill of writing is already evident! May grace abound for him as he comes on board!

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