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  • What is Apprenticeship Programme?

    The programme seeks to give young graduates opportunities of involvement in Christian ministry while supplementing the ministry of a local church and often contributing to their career development. Ideally, the placements are cross-cultural and the apprentices learn from experienced gospel workers in a win – win situation where both the apprentice and the local church mutually benefit.

  • What is Utumishi Course about?

    Utumishi Course is a one-year Bible handling course aimed at equipping gospel workers with skills for faithful gospel work in their different ministry occupations. The course targets those doing ministry like pastors, deacons, children and youth workers, student ministry workers and so on. The mode of learning is a blend of lecture, discussions and also practical micro-preaching sessions.

  • What is TransformD Discipleship Programme?

    This programme is interested in transforming the lives of high school leavers between the age of 18-21yrs of age into Christ-centered individuals. It is our hope that after they have stayed with us for a period of 6 months they will move into the next stage as well trained, equipped and mentored to face life.

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  • What is iServe Africa?

    iServe Africa is an indigenous Kenyan gospel-driven organisation that exists to promote faithful Bible teaching and servant leadership.

  • How do I contact iServe Africa?

    Phone:0732 293090, 0710 293090


    P.O Box 51575-00100 GPO Nairobi Kenya

    Facebook: iServe Africa

  • What are Placements?

    These are like minded organisations such as churches, hospitals, schools and other mission agencies that offer opportunities for iServe Africa apprentices to serve. The placements act as training ground for the apprentices who learn from their experienced supervisors, they gain their experience as they work towards supplementing the work of local church. These placements have team leaders and supervisors who work closely with iServe Africa.