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WinnieI am Winnie Njoki a third born in a family of three and the only girl. I was born in loitokitok and brought up in a small town called illasit at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. I went to school with Tanzanians and the Maasai community hence had a good command of the Swahili language. I remember this with nostalgia because with time the city has robbed me of that.

In 2007, I joined high school in kajiado and later in 2009, my family moved to Nairobi where we have lived since then.

I am a forgiven sinner by the grace of God. For a long time I thought I knew what salvation is having been brought up in a Christian family and by born again parents. I went through life thinking I had a place in heaven because I faithfully went to church every Sunday obeyed my parents, and  baptized at some point.

My understanding of the Christian faith took a shift in high school after the gospel was taught with clarity and I got a clear view of salvation. In 2009 as a form 3 student, I gave my life to Christ and began a journey of discovering the amazing love of God for me.

In 2012 I joined the University of Nairobi and the Christian union. It was a great time of discipleship and getting to know my place as a Christian and to embrace the call of reaching the un-reached. By attending commission 2014 and going through the Kairos course, I realized the place of missions and that as a beneficiary of the love of God I am called to go forth and reach out to those who have not heard of the good news.

I am on the altar here I am transform me, take me to the nations, make me and send me, are words of a song I sang in 2014 and today I stand asking the lord to send me and use me to reach His people.

2 Cor 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the Excellency of the power may be of God and not of us.

I am glad I am joining iServe Africa for the apprenticeship program to start in September. I anticipate to learn, to serve and to grow in my walk with God.


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  1. hehe! Couldn’t help it but guess I do love her story…probably she could put in a bit of the bla bla…but either way it’s nice to read your story Elizabeth…welcome to iServe Africa and may the Lord make His face shine on you as you seek Him.

  2. It’s been great knowing you Winnie through the MCCU- UoN and seeing your passion and diligence in the work of God. iServe Africa is just the place to be for your development as a person spiritually and guidance in your calling for the glory of God. Allow Him to lead you all through.

  3. Thanks for a great read

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