Reviewed by iServe Africa apprentice Peter Muturi:

You have obviously heard this phrase a countless times – “I am busy” – and I can almost bet you have used it too as a defense mechanism to discourage addition of new tasks. I am guilty of that too, as a matter of fact I have at times fell for the proud thought that I may be more busy than most people in my capacity. Pastor Kevin DeYoung, knowing what he himself and most of us are suffering from, extends a helping hand through this book. A hand that I hope many of us would stretch to hold before we get crazy in our crazy busyness.

What I love about this book is that the author is not making a judgmental claim on us that we have fallen into the sin of busyness and we need to repent and take a turn before we waste our lives and of those around us (although one comes to such a resolution after reading the book).  Rather, DeYoung identifies with his audience and makes them realize that it’s a hole we are in together only he has seen the danger and is signaling a way out. He uses a tone that makes you feel like he understands you.

The larger part of the book is dedicated to helping us realize what is making us feel crazily busy. In one statement he says, if we love God’s people, we surely are going to be busy. And from the book you actually realize that we are mostly busy because we are trying to do good only that maybe we haven’t set our priorities right or are doing too much than is needed even what God does not expect us to do.

The author uses seven diagnoses to help us identify our ailment and take our medication against busyness. In the last chapter the book takes a turn that might seem challenging to what the author has been preaching all through: the one thing you must do. Yes, in your crazy busy life, Kevin DeYoung suggests one extra thing; working on your devotion to set the rhythm right. Using the story from Luke 10: 38-42 the author helps us realize that the things distracting Martha are good things only she can do better and Mary has known the one best thing which, as Jesus said, will not be taken away from her. It feels the same like what we may be going through; lost in a sea of activity, from checking our mails, preaching on social media, parenting … all good things yet we need to set a rhythm in our lives by learning to spend time at the feet of Jesus every day. Only then can we start handling our busyness and do what is not just good but the very best even that which is pleasing to our Maker.

Well, it’s a shame that I can only say just this much and you simply have to grab the book if you want to do something about your busyness which I bet you do; most of us surely do.

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