Colossians Bible Project

It’s been great to get into Colossians in the current (ongoing) ministry training course. I thought I’d gather here a few helpful resources on the letter as a whole:

But actually, good as these resources are, I’ve found over the last week that there’s nothing like getting into the letter itself. It was great to read the letter all through together and then to get into it, section by section, digging in, discussing in small groups, seeing the flow of the letter but more than anything seeing wonderful things about Jesus and the riches and fullness that are in him.

Paul says, “Him we proclaim” (Col. 1:28) and that is certainly what he does in his letter to the Colossians. Let it be our delight to sit under that proclamation and listen well.


A couple more resources springing from our Colossians studies at MTC:

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