Jinsi ya: Public prayer

Leading a congregation of God’s people in prayer is a privilege but not an easy thing. Here are a few resources and then a few more tips. Kingdom-centred prayer 4 reasons every church needs a time of confession and How to keep it fresh How to lead a prayer meeting 10 tips for leading corporate prayer […]

Prayer is asking

“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at his disposition, and listening to his voice in the depth of our hearts.” (attributed to Mother Teresa) There are at least two big problems with the Mother Teresa definition. This is not the biblical definition of prayer. This is not even […]

Teach us to pray

The disciples’ request of Jesus was perhaps the height of their wisdom pre-Pentecost. It was brilliant because they realised they didn’t know how to pray. It is not obvious. It is not intuitive. It’s possible to get it wrong. They realised that even though they’d prayed for years, maybe they knew nothing. They realised they […]

Praying for Ukraine

We’ve been praying this month at iServe Africa for the country of Ukraine. Thanks to Lena and Tanya for giving us excellent presentations about their sending organisation (Kreativity) and church context and about their country. Use their presentations to keep praying: Ukraine (1mb pdf) Kreativity (1.6mb pdf) Conversation KE

Praying for South Sudan

Last month South Sudan was our prayer focus at iServe Africa. Let’s keep in prayer for this troubled nation as news continues to come in: Renewed fighting in South Kordofan in the last few days [AllAfrica]. Pray for peace and reconciliation for the sake of the vulnerable and for the sake of disrupted gospel work in this […]

Prayer focus: Uganda

Prayer focus: Uganda

Thanks to all who made it to the First Priority prayer meeting on Sunday. It was great to be able to pray together for our neighbour, Uganda, and the country will remain our prayer focus for the rest of the month. Do pray on for: The presidential election – Feb. 18th – for peace and good […]