Evangelism: The Ministry of Dry Bones

Many books and articles have been written on the topic of evangelism from how to do it successfully to how to keep the converts, the content of evangelism and even how to be bold for the timid ones. We have gurus who for ages have been doing it and praise God for the fruit and […]

Book Review – The Reason for God

This is a Review by Margaret Achieng. Maggy is on the staff team of iServe Africa working with Gerald Mwangi managing our growing residential discipleship programme for high school leavers (TransformD). During one of the Ministry Training Course, I decided to sit in in an apologetics session and that was where I began thinking hard […]

Christian Bubble-ism?

Christian Bubble-ism?

Don’t think too hard about the title of this article, I made it up. It came about as I thought about how I’ve spent most of my Christian life with other Christians! You might be wondering why that surprised me or even why that is something to write about but bear with me. It’s something […]