My name is Wickliffe Mark Omollo. I joined iServe Africa in September 2022 and was placed at Buruburu Baptist Church. My role is majorly accounting for church and school and helping in Music ministry and other church and school duties

As at the sixth month now, the program has been life transforming, and has been more of becoming than doing. It has provided me with platforms to learn and interact with people, the most outstanding lesson being that man’s biggest problem is SIN and to which the only solution is CHRIST, and this pointing us to the dire need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need to share it.

 I’ve equally been learning of the sovereignty of God and the fact that I’m saved is worth a lot of gratitude to God who has chosen me to be amongst his saved ones. This has changed my perspective about people, now I know that without God’s grace I’m in fact capable of doing worse than anybody I could have judged at heart. The MTCs have helped me see the clarity of the Gospel, A Holy God, a sinful man in need of a savior; Jesus Christ in whom we have salvation by grace through faith and to see the bible as one big story all pointing us to Jesus

Looking forward to learn much more and be grounded in the Gospel truths and to be able to share even the more for the salvation of God’s people

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