My name is Vincent Onono Omondi. I joined the iServe Africa Apprenticeship program in September 2022 and was placed in A Rocha Kenya, Marafa-Dakatcha. This is a Christian organization specializing in environmental conservation. My roles include training farmers and helping them implement a conservation approach to farming called Farming God’s Way (FGW), pastoral visitations as well as leading Bible study in our staff fellowships. This is my fifth month into the apprenticeship program and the experience has been worth it.

My time with iServe Africa has been transformative in many ways. All the way from the induction, the first physical Ministry Training Course (MTC), the online MTC, and the second physical MTC, the biggest lesson has been the Gospel; how that man’s biggest problem is SIN and the solution is the GOSPEL. Man needs to hear the gospel to have faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and it is the gospel he needs to continue in the faith.

The necessity of the gospel has greatly influenced my devotional life, especially my prayer life and word study life as I seek to continually know God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent. I am elated not only at how the gospel is unfolding in my personal life but also within our staff team, and one staff member has professed faith in Jesus Christ and the commitment to grow in Him has been a joy to watch and experience.

In an ever-changing climate and environment, the extension work I do with the farmers has been a blessing. Seeing the impact of sin on creation, we teach the farmers about the change of the heart through the gospel and the perspective scriptures give on farming, train them on regenerative agriculture (FGW) to influence their attitude, mindset, and practice on alternative means of livelihood and the results are yielding though at a slow pace. The gospel is relevant even in this stratum.

The training on partnership development has been worthwhile. I have learned to be grateful and reliant on God. As I continue this journey, I want to highly appreciate my partners who are part of this transformation and have pushed me to be relentless in my pursuit of the Lord, prayed with me, and supported me financially. You have been a good support system. What a blessing you are!

I am delighted and count it an honor to be a member of the household of faith and as a Pilgrim (something I appreciated in the first MTC – 1 Peter2:11), I want to continually trust God to help me in looking unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Shalom!

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