My name is Regina Mbugua, a sinner saved by grace. I am a first-year apprentice placed at Kilifi County in a Christian mission organization known as Swahili Coast Mission. This is a Christian organization, which focuses on revival and evangelism. The organization is not only limited to spreading the gospel it also helps needy families and provides scholarship programs as we continue to disciple them. Swahili coast mission partners with Christ Formation Church (CFC)

I have found myself involved in a number of activities every day and it keeps changing depending on the kind of guests we have. For the last two months, the organization was hosting a youth group known as Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and my main work was to help them with interpretation since they were foreigners and could not communicate with local who comes from Giryiama culture. This has also motivated me to learn the Giryiama language to fit well in the community and be able to spread the gospel even to illiterate people. We also have an illiteracy class where we teach old women to read and write with the aim to help them read the bible for themselves. We have morning prayers where we invite the community to join us and fellowship together during the weekdays and I am grateful to God as I see souls being transformed.

I help in hospitality ministry which has continued to teach me to be more of a servant and to enjoy serving others. We started evangelism ministry, which has given me a great opportunity to continue spreading the gospel along with the church members. It has challenged me to know that people are hungry for the word but no one to help them to understand this truth. At church, I help with interpretation, girls’ bible study, and children’s ministry. The organization has an office where I help in data-keeping and accounting. I have learned that the biggest way to share the gospel is to show love even to those who do not deserve our love. This has completely changed my view of unbelievers and when I look at them, I do this with a lot of love that compels me to pray to God to convict their hearts to know the truth. it’s also clear to me that unless God transforms a heart nothing can change man’s heart which naturally is wicked.

I thank God for a lot of truth I have learned during physical MTC, online MTC, and my daily personal devotion. It’s clear that we are all saved by grace and grace alone and our salvation can only be maintained by the grace and not our good works like other religions teach. This has completely changed my heart and humbled me knowing that everyone deserved God’s wrath but His grace saved us and now we legally belong to his kingdom as God’s children, what a joy to be called a child of God. During this period, I have also unlearned a lot, especially the biblical view of suffering and I have learned to rejoice in suffering and find contentment in Him alone.

My greatest challenge while serving here is learning new cultures both local and international in order to have a smooth working environment to serve people and God. In addition, being very far from family and close friends sometimes breaks me and especially when they do not understand what I am doing. My greatest encouragement is that I am a child of God and nothing can separate me from His great love and His grace is working in me that when He appears, I will be like Him.

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