Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Who according to his great mercy, has caused me to be born again. My name is Rebecca. I am a first-year apprentice in my eleventh month in the program. I am placed in a school in Madogo. I am a teacher in the upper primary where I teach Mathematics, Science & Technology, C.R.E and Physical health education.

I also help in heading the PPI for the Christian learners where through ‘the Jesus storybook bible” children are invited to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the centre of God’s great story of salvation and at the centre of their story too. It has been an encouraging experience to see learners and teachers longing to learn from this and to see how Jesus is whispered in these stories. One of the most exciting and encouraging times is when I taught the Bible story about the tower of Babel and before the end of the story several learners had questions about how that story connects with Jesus.  It was amazing for us to learn that however human beings try to connect to God by their own efforts, they cannot. We can only be connected to him through Jesus Christ who is the only way, truth and life.

Apart from that, I am involved in Sunday school and bible study in the local church, Deliverance church Garissa where we are currently learning from the book of Romans that the basic direction of salvation is from GOD to us and that everyone needs to hear the gospel, both believers and non-believers.

In addition to that, I attend some monthly missionary fellowships where we share what God is doing in different places, encourage each other and pray together.

In the course of my apprenticeship, I have been greatly impacted by the Ministry Training Courses (MTCs). Recently, my preaching has been challenged; it should be shaped by God’s word and not contemporary attitudes because when God’s word is faithfully preached, God’s voice is authentically heard.

My greatest desire is to continue growing as a faithful Bible student and a faithful teacher of God’s word!



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