My name is Perez Achieng. A sinner saved by the grace of God, through faith in His son Jesus Christ our Lord, for His glory alone. I “born again” several times wherever there was an alter call. I had the idea that there is just a confession prayer that one need to make for them to receive salvation and that’s all and that how your life needs to change instantly. For a few days I got frustrated when my “prayers” went unanswered. That made me question whether God really saved me and whether I should try few good works that I thought could earn me the salvation.

I joined iserve Africa Apprenticeship program in January 2023 and I got placed at Christ Gift Academy, in Mbita-Homabay. Christ Gift Academy is itself a ministry to the children, most vulnerable in the society. It is a faith-based organization that uses education as a tool to reach the heart of the students and the community around with the gospel. My main roles here are.

  1. Social work. Here, we visit different homes for the students. We get to know their wellbeing while at home and also informing their parents of how they are doing while at school. We also reason with the parents together from the scripture as well as helping them in handling some of the problems or issues that arise.

-Daily attending to student needs such as first aid administration to the injured students and to those sick.

  1. Admin roles where we organize and make arrangements for the parents to pick uniforms for their children.

-We also do the packing of food to be distributed to every student to help them while they are on holiday and many more.

  1. ICT assistance where necessary.

I fellowship at AIC Milimani where I also help in the Sunday ministry.

Being here at Christ Gift Academy has helped me work on some disciplines such as Servanthood; as well as being truthful in everything I do. The gospel has continued to transform my life.  I could be doing so much in terms of the services I offer here but I am being transformed more. I imagined of how I would teach the word of God to God’s people here at the placement. I even tried door-to-door evangelisms for a few days. I came to learn that even before equipping people for the gospel I myself need to be equipped first. Thanks to God all the sessions at the MTC and the online trainings have equipped me to be a better teacher of the word.

One of the things that stood out for me in the online training was the exposition of Psalm 88. It has become my best psalm. God really is my salvation. He is God who saves me. Trials and suffering might seem overwhelming. I might even go through lifelong suffering, but God is still my salvation. I therefore hope for more, for an eternity with him.

In the time that I have been in ministry, I have grown in my love for God’s people. Working with children has helped me to see how impatient I have always been. I might be tempted to see how sinful these children are but really, I am as sinful as they are. I’m also in need of a saviour. I need the gospel every day.

It is my prayer that this will be my need even when I’m done with the program. That I will be able to live out these gospel truths I have learnt and that I will make it a desire in my heart to pass them faithfully to God’s people outside there.

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