My name is Mumbere Josephat, I come from Uganda and I am now currently serving as an apprentice with iServe Africa, placed at St Luke’s Mission Hospital Kaloleni-Kilifi County.

Having thought l was sacrificing this year to serve God, l now turns to God and feel humbled and grateful for what He (God) has given me this year to build me up into a tool that will be used to build his body, the church including all the unreached and least reached people groups for the rest of my life.

Through the physical and online Ministry Training Courses (MTCs), l have come to fully realize that l and the rest of mankind are unable to save ourselves from the wrath of God, only Jesus Christ can and this message (the Gospel) must reach everyone no matter their status or background. After knowing that God’s heart desires to see all people from all ends of the world come to worship Him as their God and saviour.

I have grown in using my profession as a Clinical officer as a tool to reach out to all people who pass through my hands to share with them simple but basic gospel truths, especially to the non-Christian clients l meet on a daily basis who come for medical consultation at St Luke’s Mission Hospital. Through this experience, I have come to understand that they are always willing to hear about the gospel if you grant them a chance to listen to them first and it’s been a great opportunity to share with most of them not to change them but to inform them of why I believe in Christ alone and most have confessed that it’s their first time to hear about the story of Jesus in their entire life. Then the question remains “How can they believe in the one they have not heard?” You can also consider becoming one of the Laborers.

I now have various reasons to integrate my profession as a ministry tool to reach out to unreached people groups including the Muslim community. I pray that God will continue to give me the grace and confidence to Faithfully Serve Him for this year and for the rest of my life.



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