My name is Michael Shuji. I joined the program in January 2022 and was placed at A.C.K St. Peter’s Cathedral, Voi. My roles include projection of services, live streaming, as well as working in the Diocesan offices as a general I.T support. This is my third month into the apprenticeship program and the experience so far has been wonderful.

Looking back, I appreciate how my apprenticeship journey is fairing on. To begin with, the physical Ministry Training Courses (MTC) that I attended before I came to Voi was a huge highlight. I learnt various fundamental gospel truths, one being that our greatest problem is not hunger, disease, war, climate change or anything else, but is SIN, and thus the greatest need is the gospel. This very gospel addresses our deepest concern. I have continued to grow as a Bible student but more importantly in my convictions about the gospel through the online MTC.  

The gospel truths that I am learning have given me the confidence to share it even in the normal conversations with random youths at the Cathedral, turning them into gospel-centered ones. One example I clearly recall is with a youth I had gotten to know during a Diocesan Sunday School AGM. In our conversation, he let me know of his desire to be involved in championing the youths in Taita Taveta to consider peace in the just concluded elections. I marveled at the sheer spirited enthusiasm with which he expressed his desire. However, the question then is what do scriptures say about peace? We appreciated that peace with God in the reconciliation that Jesus is important, and we seek that others know of this peace as we seek peace in our earthly human relations. We ended the conversation thanking God in prayer for Jesus’ acts at the cross that have granted us peace with God and salvation. After such conversations, an invitation to study God’s word together follows. This has been a delight.

As the apprenticeship journey continues, I am delighted in the numerous opportunities to hear the good news being taught to me and sharing it to those around me. My prayer and deepest desire is to continue to know Jesus as my Lord, and make him known.

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