Placement: iServe Africa, Operations Department.

I am Kennedy Obilloh alias “Jasuba”. I came to faith in Jesus Christ as a young boy in high school. Born and bred in the Lake Victorian island of Rusinga, and studied both my Primary and Secondary school studies on the Island before joining the University of Nairobi to pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Statistics.

I joined the Apprenticeship Programme in September 2021, and I am currently serving my first year at iServe Africa’s Operations Department as an Assistant Admin. Operations Department works alongside the Missions and Programmes Departments in a bid to accomplish the Organization’s primary goal; Raising Servant Leaders. Here, I aid in General Administration and Accounting. Besides invoicing, receipting, banking payments, and recording all financial transactions, I also process apprentices’ payments, manage apprentices’ database, offer oversight custodian roles of the premises & organization’s inventory of assets, among other roles. With full hands almost all the time, the friendly working environment has always been a relief whilst working towards personal and corporate targets. I also aid in the facilitation and preaching in the staff’s morning devotions. 

At the local church, GracePoint Church – Kikuyu, I serve in the Music Ministry, as a vocalist and a pianist. I have also been recently appointed as the assistant leader of the iServe Africa Growth Group (a Bible Study Group of GracePoint Church – Kikuyu). We are currently studying, with a study guide, the book “Christ’s Call to Discipleship” by James Montgomery Boice. This is helping me to grow in my leadership skills, as well as Gospel sharing skills as I co-lead the group. I praise God for the opportunities to grow in ministry.

Over the course of time, I have learned a lot and unlearnt much more! I can now handle with ease but with full conviction some controversial topics I couldn’t before, such as the nature and assurance of salvation we have in Jesus; our “role” in it – that we bring nothing to the reconciliation negotiation table but a truckload of sin and a quagmire of filth – that the Lord, through the death of Jesus Christ for the sinful man, has done it all by Himself! That nothing, therefore, can separate us from the love of Christ Jesus our Lord. This reality scraps off megalomania and instills humility in the heart of a believer. I am in owe of the Gospel.

It has, however, not been an easy transition for me – from a somewhat autonomous lifestyle to another totally dependent on the support from willing ministry partners, however, the Lord has always miraculously provided; I have never lacked and all my needs are always taken care of. I may not be in a position to financially support my mum and siblings as I did before, but the Lord has made them be favorably disposed towards my decision to join the ministry. 

One thing however has been outstanding all along my being here at iServe Africa, is my grasp of what the gospel really is. Yes, I had been preaching before and one thing stands for sure; I was on the verge of turning out a fiery zealous evangelist of ‘another gospel’, which actually is no gospel at all. I, therefore, thank God for this time of realignment, recalibration, and rejuvenation for I am, at least, equipped with the fundamental truths of the gospel with which I can storm the dying world to proselytize as many as the Lord would choose unto salvation.

May this Organization grow to aid more young and agile folks to catch the fire of the pure unadulterated gospel, shine it forth, for that is exactly what this dark and dying world desperately needs.

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