Kamara James Irungu is my name, a sinner saved purely by the grace of the Lord. I was born again in April 2019 at Pwani University Christian Union, and since then, the journey has been all about trusting in the power of the Lord. God’s grace has been sufficient, and I can really testify that were it not for the Lord, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

I joined iServe Africa in January of this year, following a conviction in my heart to serve the Lord. At first, I was anxious as to what lay ahead of me and couldn’t figure out everything at the moment, but as I continue serving the Lord here with iServe, I am really getting to realize that it’s never about what I know or the experience I have had before; it’s all a matter of God working in me, all for His glory.

I am placed at New Covenant Christian Ministry Church, Obambo, in Siaya County. By the grace of the Lord, I serve in the children’s ministry, where I help teach them the gospel. I also assist in teaching at a school within the church, Yenger Education Center. I am currently the grade three class teacher, and it has been such an amazing experience to just share life with the kids, both inside and outside the classroom.

My interaction with the kids has been more about me learning and becoming than I thought it would be. The Lord is continually working in my heart to mold me into a humble gospel worker who realizes that he is not here for self-glory but as a servant under His master.

The MTCs, both online and physical, have played such a great role in equipping me to be a faithful gospel teacher. These wonderful sessions have helped me see and show Jesus in every text of the scripture. The book expositions we have been going through as well as the assignments we have been tackling have helped me understand and believe in the person of Jesus. The MTCs have been so insightful for me as to why I need personal devotion even as I look forward to ministering to other people.

As I continue serving the Lord with iServe Africa, it’s getting clearer that this is what God is calling me to do: serve the Lord and His people. In the future, I look forward to engaging in ministry, as long as the Lord gives me the grace to do so.

After all is said and done, I can praise the Lord for His unending grace and pray for more strength in ministry.

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