My name is Joram Murimi Mwiru. I joined iServe Africa on September 2022 and I am placed at Thika Road Christian Schools in Nairobi Region.

At the placement, I teach Geography and History besides which I help in devotions that take place every day of the week. I also help in training basketball and in guidance and counseling for the boys.

The school is sponsored by a church; Thika Road Baptist Church which is actually within the school compound. I also serve in the church mostly in the youth and Sunday school ministries. This involves helping with the bible study sessions with the youths on Fridays and Sundays before the main service and Sunday school classes on Sundays.

Being in iServe Africa for the last four and half months has been a great opportunity in my life. Through the Ministry Training Course and the weekly online classes, I have continued to grow and get a deeper understanding of the gospel. The understanding of the problem of sin that humanity faces have been iconic. That human being is separated from God by this sin and the only way to be saved is to accept Jesus who actually paid for it all. For years this truth has left many questions in me like it is for other believers and non-believers, but through iServe Africa, I have known how certain and immense the second coming is and this answers other questions then.

Through these truths, I am convinced that being a Christian is not just a walk in the park. The truth that it’s not by works speaks it all. I have a long way to go, and a heart to guard and this calls me to be more mindful of my walk with God than anything else. I am also convinced of the urgency to share the Gospel and these truths with non-believers. Am convinced to think about my friends, workmates, family members, relatives, and other non-believers, especially in line with the awaiting judgment. And this propels me to share the gospel.

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