I am Jane Irungu, born again by the grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus. His death at the cross was a substitutional sacrifice that he took my sins and he gave me His righteousness that makes me right with God. I rejoice in the salvation He has given me. I serve at Gracepoint Church Waiyaki-way, in the Sunday school ministry. It has been a joy to learn as I serve in this ministry together with other believers. Making teaching schedules and coordinating teachers and children, printing crafts, and helping the teachers to make teaching aid is what I do.

Apart from this, I do evangelism on Thursdays and Fridays not only for adults in the society but also for children. The gospel challenges me to live life worth Christ, and the desire to point children to Christ has kept me sober and grown my discipline in personal devotions so that I may not share my mind but share Christ and him crucified. It is also a humbling ministry that requires one to be youthful. The greatest encouragement has been Christ who left the majesty and glory of heaven came to live like man and never sinned and laid his life down for us that we should not perish but have eternal life when we believe in him. It encourages me that I need to follow his example by doing evangelism even to these young children as a way of showing them his love. I thank God for the church has been supportive to this ministry. Seeing God saving and increasing children not only in numbers but also in trusting Him is a Joy to me.

This apprenticeship program has been of great value and impact in my life. It helps me to grow in understanding the true knowledge of Christ. It’s also helping to grow in management skills, computer skills, and intrapersonal skills. The apprenticeship program has been a good learning platform and character development anchored to the gospel.

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