Placement: A Rocha Kenya

I started my apprenticeship in September 2021. I am placed at A Rocha Kenya, an international Christian organization focused on conservation in Malindi. At A Rocha, I work in the communications department. Part of my work includes managing social media accounts, websites, YouTube channels, and capturing stories of the organization. Since I work in communications, I am by default involved in almost all the other departments and projects of the organization.

Joining iServe Africa as an apprentice is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Every aspect of it has been educational and, in most instances, challenging. Through the Ministry Training Courses (MTC), both online and physical, I have grown a great deal. I have learned a lot, unlearned a lot, and been shaped a lot. My Christian life, my beliefs, my lifestyle, my devotions, my way of worship and prayer, have all been challenged and improved through my time here.

I have always struggled with striking a balance between work and ministry, Pentecostal and evangelical approaches to the Bible, Christian faith, and culture. Through the interactions and the teaching at iServe, I have been able to get some things clearer and my beliefs right. I have been challenged to be a faithful Bible student, a faithful prayer person, and a faithful preacher of the gospel. I have also come to learn that the gospel is powerful enough to defend itself, I, therefore, should preach it just as it is, and not try to pervert it to make it more appealing. I have also learned that we preach every day through our interactions and lifestyles wherever we may be, our ministry may not be directly in the field, but we still preach even in our own offices. Being a Christian is not a part-time thing that is only relevant when we are in the field evangelizing, it is all through and all the time.

There is a lot I am yet to learn and unlearn, and I am looking forward to every bit of it. Until Christ returns, there will always be something to grow in as a Christian, thinking we have reached perfection is deceiving ourselves.

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