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  • iServe Africa is evangelical in principle and practice. We are clear about our evangelical basis which proclaims the Sovereign, triune God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit who has spoken infallibly to us through a clear and sufficient word, the Bible, and who has acted to rescue His people through the penal and substitutionary death of Jesus Christ. We are a Bible-believing, Cross-preaching people. It is an evangelical, gospel faith which we seek to promote in our partnership with placements and in the lives of our apprentices.
  • The ministry of iServe Africa apprentices is sacrificial. We do not follow an essentially secular model of self-fulfillment. There are great gains for those involved with iServe Africa as apprentices. But great gains come not by right but by grace and not through seeking fulfillment for ourselves but through joyful obedience to God and willing sacrifice for others. We believe iServe Africa has a task to encourage a counter cultural vision of sacrificial service.
  • The ministry of iServe Africa follows the pattern of the Apostle Paul who did not cling to his rights or his culture but made himself a servant of all (1 Corinthians 9). We place apprentices to be immersed in the life of the local Christian community. We encourage apprentices to be part of the small, the ordinary, the routine and the long term of Christian ministry. This has a vital contribution to offer to the apprentices – they can immerse themselves in, and identify with, communities of all ages and all backgrounds.
  • The ministry of iServe Africa is pastoral. We hold our placements and apprentices in very high esteem and seek to provide quality support through the staff and trainings, regular visits and other resources. Our determination is to enable our apprentices both to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God and of His plans and purposes for their lives and also to contribute effectively during their year as apprentices.

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  1. i am a student in PAC university doing youth ministry. I should enroll for internship from next year in youth related work and i would like to know whether you have a department that focused on youths.

    • Thanks for your interest Wilson. iServe Africa apprentices work with churches and Christian organisations in a number of different capacities including youth work, children’s ministry, music, accounts, agriculture, admin and healthcare. In fact a large number are involved in youth work in some way, even if it is not the main focus of their placement.

  2. Just to add that we just finished recruitment for Jan 2016. But we are now open to receiving applications for Sept. 2016. Go to Apprenticeships>> Interested in Being An Apprentice & click on the link there.

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