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  1. inspired me

  2. l thank God for the work you doing

  3. You say that you follow the pattern of Apostle Paul as an organisation. We know that Paul worked as a tent maker to support himself and his ministry. How are the young people who serve in your organisation expected to meet their personal needs and the needs of their work?

    • Hello Magiri,
      Thanks for the question, our funding model over the years has been that of raising support from family, friends and Gospel-hearted individuals. Just as scripture repeatedly shows, God’s work is funded by God’s people. There are various ways of individuals/organizations getting funds but ours is purely faith based and through the giving of friends and other Gospel lovers we keep going at what we do.

      Thank you so much for taking time to visit our website.

  4. I would like to join your program. Your website layout isn’t very clear on how applications can be done. Please advise.
    Am a Biomedical Scientist, Counsellor and trained Public Adminstrator.

    • Hi Luke. Sorry for the trouble and apologies for not seeing this earlier, we are working on making it easier and efficient. We have two intakes for the apprenticeship programme, one in January and the other in September. We are done with the January one for now, the September one shall open early next year. Please check your email for clear info. Thanks!

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