My first placement was Machakos, Grace Baptist Church.


The placement was a ready avenue for me to teach God’s word. I did this by mobilizing children for a Wednesday evening fellowship, where we did Genesis. I mobilized 12 graduates around town, from different churches and we did a bible study in Ephesians. I had an opportunity to bring on board a certain girl’s high school for Cu Wednesday fellowship, we went through 1 John. It was also a good ground for me to do church admin work and help in evangelism. I also helped the pastor in preaching on Sunday and the 3 daily devotionals at the town center. This was a good ground for me to reach out different people with the Gospel.


– The placement was a good opportunity for me to learn growing in my personal devotions before going to preach to people! This I noticed.

– In being involved in the above, this became a good learning ground for me, especially seeing the commitment and labor required in organizing and calling people on board so that you can study Gods word together. I also grew in being simple in sharing out the biblical truths in the mother tongue.

– I grew in my preaching skills and passion of reaching looking for any relevant and open opportunity to reach out. I was humbled when people declined my gospel sharing requests.


– This being my first placement, I really loved what I was doing. I loved the fellowship of people and loved seeing people heed to my invites for gospel conversations and Bible study. This helped me to See God at work. I made new friends and saw Gospel work in a new perspective! I was exposed to the vast opportunities for gospel Sharing and exposed to the dynamics of working in a church context, learning to be pastoral in handling people’s issues, praying and encouraging them. Playing such pastoral role was a very great exposure for me.

By Peter Mukungi , Former Apprentice

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