My name is Mary Njeri, a person whom God has shown mercy by delivering  me from the domain of darkness  and  transferring  me into the kingdom  of his beloved  son, in whom I have redemption through  his blood, the forgiveness  of sins. I am an iServe Africa first-year apprentice placed in Nakuru County in a Christian organization called Molo Street Children Project. A community-based organization is working with street children and poor families in the Molo area of Kenya. They believe in empowering the transformation of communities by investing in Children and their families. 

I have several activities that I am engaged in including; doing devotions with the children at the organization every day during the week, we also watch movies and play games on weekends. I am also engaged in the children’s academic work during weekdays. We do have a Friday morning staff meeting every week where we meet for Bible study and prayers. I also help to do social work where we visit different  families  whose children  are supported by the organization to see how they are faring on and also do evangelism  to them. On Sundays, I participate in the praise and worship ministry at Trinity Chapel Molo.

The past few months have been of tremendous growth to my faith in God. God has been changing my worldview through his word, that he is in control of everything, and he has created everything for his own glory. The books that I have been reading, especially the book by John Piper, Do Not Waste Your Life have changed how I view life now. I have come to learn that everything is all about God; God made us and saved us not to be made much of but to make much of him in every area of our life whether in prayer, success or our ambitions. This has really humbled me, and my prayer has been that I will not waste my life but I will desire God and have joy in him, and that God will open my heart to desire to know Him and to have Him as my only treasure. 

Being the first time for me dealing with the kids, I have had a few challenges especially in learning how to discipline without making them feel inferior. These children have had trouble in the early days of their lives and need grace and love. It has been a learning moment for me but I thank God for he has been with me throughout this journey and I can see transformation in these young kids’ lives, glory to God! It is my prayer that God will continue to reveal himself to me as I serve, and that I will not waste my life. I pray that I will love God more than anything will.