Apprentice story: Devison Mwamburi

My name is Devison Mwamburi. I joined the Apprenticeship program in September 2022 and was placed at the Leadership Institute of Northern Kenya (LINK), Marsabit. My roles include teaching computer and other classes, designing institute posters and brochures, as well as working in the LINK offices as a general I.T. support. This is my fifth month into the apprenticeship program and the experience so far has been good.

Looking back, I appreciate how my apprenticeship journey has been. First of all the two physical Ministry Training Courses (MTC) that I attended before and after I came to Marsbit were a huge highlight. I learned various fundamental gospel truths, one being that man’s greatest problem is SIN, and thus the greatest need is the Gospel. This very gospel addresses our deepest concern. I have continued to grow as a Bible student as well as a servant leader.  I am also growing in Godly character through the Online MTC classes.

One of the greatest things the Lord has been teaching me is love. I realized that the origin of love is God Himself. God loved me by giving out His son Jesus Christ to die for my sins on the cross. Through this, I have been rebuked to love sacrificially. Through love, I have the joy of sharing my faith in Christ with others. One thing that I can clearly remember is struggling to love some people. I didn’t know that if I claim to love God and hate fellow human beings then I don’t know God.

I have had wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel, especially after class conversations with the students. I always get the chance to share about God’s love and make the conversation evangelical. I recall one day evening I was assisting a family to fetch water. After that, they appreciated what I did by inviting me to take a cup of coffee. During this time, we had a long chat, and finally, I got an opportunity to share my faith with them. This is how I evangelize to non-Christians here in Marsabit.  

I have become a friend to their children and I continue showing them Christ whenever we interact. One thing that encourages me is their ability to remember the gospel stories I share with them. I keep praying for all of them and I believe the seed of the Gospel will keep growing until it matures in them.

As I continue with the apprenticeship journey, I am delighted and ready to learn from many opportunities to hear the Gospel being taught to me and be faithful in sharing it with others around me. I pray and desire to continue knowing Jesus as my Lord and make him known.

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