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Taking God at His Word; Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me.

‘Taking God at His Word’ has been written by Kevin DeYoung. Kevin is an American Reformed Evangelical theologian and author. He is currently the senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina.

Can we trust the Bible completely? Is it sufficient for our complicated lives? Can Taking God at His Wordwe really know what it teaches? I wonder how you feel about taking God at his word. It has been one of the hardest parts of my life as a disciple of Christ. I have no problem reading God’s word, the challenge comes at applying it and literally taking God at his Word. 

When we were given the book, I really wanted to read and see whether I would be helped in this area. The title says it all. Kevin begins by laying out what we should believe, feel and do with the word of God. By realizing that God’s Word says what is true, demands what is right and provides what is good we should thus delight in it, desire it and depend on it. We should sing, speak and study it, obey and store it, praise God for it and pray that he would act according to his Word. Quite accurately, the author attests that we should go to the Bible to learn about the Bible because to judge the Bible by any other standard would be to make the Bible less than what it claims to be.

If I’m honest with myself, I never thought that Scripture was enough. I struggled with its sufficiency, especially the knowledge of salvation and godly living. Yet Kevin puts it clearly that the Word of God is perfect and complete giving us all we need to know about Christ, salvation, and godliness. He further affirms that the Son is our great superlative, surpassing all others because in him we have fullness and finality of God’s redemption and revelation.

More to this, the writer also gives helpful advice on how to take God at his word by showing us that even Jesus believed that the Bible was all true, all edifying, all important and all about him. He believed absolutely that the Bible was from God and totally free from error. What scripture says, God says and what God said was recorded infallibly in the Scriptures.

He also gives good pointers on what we should focus on and how we can go about it. The most distinct pointer I have found helpful is that nothing more needs to be said about the Scripture, once we know that all of it has been breathed out by God.  We trust the Bible because it is God’s Bible. And God being God, we have every reason to take him at his word.

I highly recommend this book to every Christian and non-Christian with questions about the Bible and for Christians wanting to grow in their understanding of the Bible.

This book review has been written by Everlyne Muoki. Everlyne is an apprentice placed at ACK Mt. Kenya Hospital in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County where she helps in the IT & Procurement Department as well as in the morning devotions in the hospital. 

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