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Gospel spirit

There’s a very important article by David Gibson on ‘Beginning with Moses’ called ‘Assumed Evangelicalism’.  Gibson starts by retelling the stories of two movements – the Mennonites and the UK Student Christian Movement: The first generation of the Mennonite Brethren movement believed and proclaimed the gospel and thought that there were certain social entailments. The […]

Total Gospel Grace

Last week at MTC our theme was Total Gospel: How the Gospel Changes Everything. We looked at how the news of Jesus, crucified, risen, returning, touches every area of life – leadership, work, ambitions, relationships and sexuality. And each of these are touched and transformed in a number of different ways by the gospel. So […]


Geoffrey Wachira, in his session on Critical Thinking and Asking Questions at the Ministry Training Course, pleaded with us to… Think! The world, the flesh and the devil don’t want us to think.  The cults and the false teachers effectively say, ‘Don’t think, trust me, I’ll think for you, just believe.’  In contrast, true faith […]

The un-wasted, future-focused life

Last Friday – the last day of the Ministry Training Course week – we began with an eternal perspective as Harrison preached through the later chapters of Acts and brought out Paul’s single-mindedness, heavenly focus and willingness to be the grain of  wheat that falls to the ground and dies to bring fruit. I do […]

Why go?

Why mission? Why evangelism? Why gospel ministry? Why do the hard work of crossing cultural boundaries? Why try to persuade people who are happily unbelieving? Why preach the crazy-sounding message of Christ crucified for sinners? Why risk looking stupid? Why risk persecution and physical harm? Why serve the imperfect church? Why work so hard at […]

Don’t Waste Your Life [Review]

iServe Africa alumna Esther Chebet reviews one of the set books in the iServe Africa apprenticeship year, John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life. Many people think that a wasted life is a life of poverty or a life that does not indulge in the pleasures this world has to offer. We should start by asking ourselves […]

Faithful and fruitful in mission – MTC1 2016

We have been reminded recently as a staff team from John 15 that we should be aiming not only at faithfulness (as a steward discharging a duty) but also at a joyful, loving, prayerful, Christlike, tangible, supernatural fruitfulness. At the Ministry Training Course last week we were looking at 2 Timothy and Colossians and seeing there faithfulness […]

Married for God [review]

Reviewed by Daphne Kabeberi: When we were given this book to read, I all but refused to go through it, for fear that it would “arouse love before it so desires” in this single girl’s heart and mind. You can imagine my surprise when it did the exact opposite! It taught me that “marriage” has […]

Kevin Ombima

My name is Kevin Ombima a third born in the family of four from Siaya County,  Rarieda Constituency. My life has always been shaped by various reflections that keep saturating my mind; these reflections has brought about many discoveries, which have formed the basis of the steps that have shaped my life. I went to […]

Daniel Kiragu

I am Daniel Kiragu a fourth born in a family of seven, three sisters and three brothers. I was born in kitale and later moved to Kiambu County at two years where I was brought up. I joined Karangi Primary school where I completed class eight in 2007. I then joined Kimunyu high school in […]