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Read your Bible for All Its Worth

Apprentice Ken Irungu reviews a very helpful book:

Gospel Insights

Today in the morning after waking up, a common song I used to sing in Sunday school lingered in my mind;

Read your Bible,
Pray every day, Pray every day.
Read Your Bible,
Pray every day, if you wan’t to grow…!

The thoughts of the song came as a reflection of the many things I had read in the last few weeks on a must read book for all, reading Bible 4How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart.

I know that we all read the Bible, but we wonder why we read the same Word but we get a hundred and one interpretations of the texts. These interpretations has led to birth of many religious cults and denominations!

I am therefore compelled to share few insights I got from this book;

First, the authors in their first two chapters of this book, “Introduction:…

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