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Ministry Training: The Big Five

MTC Dec 13 a We have three main Ministry Training Weeks through the iServe Africa apprenticeship year – in August/September, December and April. The idea of these MTC weeks is for apprentices to come back together from placements all over Kenya, to debrief, be encouraged and particularly to receive training in the five areas:

  1. Servant leadership – gaining a true biblical understanding of gospel ministry; apprentices understanding themselves as servants and growing in servant-heartedness.
  2. Faithful Bible Teaching – understanding what is meant by expository preaching, becoming convinced that it is the way to teach the Bible and growing in skill in teaching the Bible faithfully and effectively.
  3. Gospel priorities – getting clear on and enjoying more the gospel of Jesus, appreciating and being convinced of the centrality of Christ crucified and the priority of word and prayer ministry; apprentices beginning to have their affections, character and decisions shaped by the gospel.
  4. Gospel partnership – understanding and appreciating the concept, being committed to it in practice and growing in the skills of partnership development at all levels of ministry.
  5. Mission – coming to see mission as primarily God’s mission, the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus by the power of the Spirit to all nations; developing an increasing concern for the lost and a 24/7 every-believer everywhere mission mindset.


About iserveafricaadmin

iServe Africa is an indigenous Kenyan gospel-driven organisation that exists to promote faithful Bible teaching and servant leadership.

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